Rumor Suggests Xbox Series X Will Support Steam And Epic Store

New rumor wants Xbox Series X new feature to make Steam and the Epic Store available on console. Is this even possible and what would fans think of that?

A huge rumor surfaced recently regarding Xbox Series X, one that might bring mayhem to the imminent console war. According to this rumor, the Xbox Series X will include a Windows mode that will let you use PC applications like Steam and the Epic Store. Neat?

What is this functionality exactly? As the rumor suggests, the new generation of Xbox consoles will include a boot mode called “Windows Mode” that will let you switch your operating system to Windows 10 and practically letting you use your console as a PC. Not all applications will be available, of course. However, gamers will be intrigued to find out that the rumor wants Steam and the Epic Store being available. That means that games that were never available on Xbox One, like Detroit: Become Human and Journey, which were only available on the Epic Store will become playable on Microsoft’s consoles.

Could that really be happening though? The Xbox Series X Steam support rumor could have some validity, if not for Microsoft’s turn to exclusive titles. Over the past years, the company flaunted its view on universality. Microsoft invested a lot in making its games and services available on both PC and Xbox. This is taking things a bit too far though. If Xbox Series X was to become a personal computer, then its price would never match the expectations. Needless to say, we’re excited about the idea of it.

Undeniably, the system as is can take the hit. The Xbox Series X includes a powerful processor and an SSD, making it practically a PC for gaming. Analysts expect next-gen consoles to be as close as never before to the standards of PC, so we can’t rule the idea right out.

It all comes down to one thing though. Do we want Xbox Series X Steam and Epic Store support? At this point, we never knew we needed it. However, being able to play games available only on the PC is too intriguing to pass up. We’d love to see other platforms like Riot Games’ or Blizzard’s titles join the hype. That’s where we’d talk about Microsoft’s supremacy in the upcoming console war. For what it’s worth, Xbox Series X is destined to launch late this year with an expected price of $499.

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