Rumor Suggests That Sunset Overdrive 2 Will Be Announced Along With New Halo And Gears Of War

Fallout 76 has been revealed today. What we didn't know though is that a Reddit user revealed information about the game and was actually right about them.

A few hours ago, Fallout 76 has been revealed. What we didn’t know though is that a Reddit user revealed information about the game and was actually right about them. Along with that, the same user updated the rumor list with more titles such as Sunset Overdrive 2, letting us believe that those will eventually turn out true at some point.

The source of the aforementioned rumors, Reddit user SoMeh, has been laconic with his reveals. In a Fallout 76 thread, SoMeh revealed that the new Bethesda title will be a full game, centered around building base camps an is an online title, the first in the history of Fallout. The rumor has later been “confirmed”, as another source revealed the same information along with the fact that Fallout 76 will have survival elements, influenced by games like DayZ and Rust.

At the same time, SoMeh revealed that¬†Microsoft is announcing a new Gears of War, Forza Horizon 4, Halo and Sunset Overdrive 2. We’ve seen countless rumors about all of these titles in the past and we expected the Gears of War, Forza and Halo titles. What we didn’t expect though is the possibility of Sunset Overdrive 2 releasing without any hint.

Insomniac Games is now focused on finishing Spiderman which means that if the studio is actually working on Sunset Overdrive 2, then the game is in an early stage of development. However, Spiderman is releasing in less than six months and given the fact that their upcoming title has been a relatively “quick” one, it won’t take years before we see Sunset Overdrive 2 in action.

We can’t know if this rumor is true yet, but it won’t be long before we finally know for sure. Microsoft has a huge showcase set for E3 2018, which will be set in the company’s own theater near the E3 venue.

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