(Update) Rumor: Upcoming PSN Name Change Feature Will Make You Forfeit Your Trophies, Games

PSN Name Change feature is coming soon but it comes with an unfair caveat. According to a new rumor, it could name away your older games and trophies.

Update: Tidux has clarified that Sony has a better solution in place and players won’t end up losing their games and trophies.

Original Story: Ever since the dawn of PlayStation Network, players have been asking for a name change feature. However, Sony never took the demand seriously and often blamed the lack of it on complex implementation. But a new rumor claims that PSN name change feature is coming soon, however, it comes with a catch.

Apparently, to change your PSN name you will need to forfeit your previously earned games and trophies. For example, if you are on PS4 and decide to change your PSN name, all of your PS3 and PS Vita games will not carry over with the new name.

If this is true, most will stick with their current PSN names to avoid this unfair and ridiculous caveat. It would be useful for the majority of those who have been begging for this feature.

Sony addressed PSN name change earlier this year confirming it would arrive by the end of this year. Shawn Layden stated that it’s “more complex than you think.” And due to its complexity, its implementation may come at a cost.

It seems PSN name change feature would create a whole new account in the background and shift your PS4 games, trophies, and email under the new ID. But leaving behind PS3 and PS Vita games for some reason.


What’s concerning is that there was a hidden link in the Sony Entertainment Network back in 2014 that allowed users to change their PSN name. And guess what happened? They lost their PSN trophies and games.

Sony is expected to address PSN name change feature at this year’s PlayStation Experience event. It last year at PSX when Layden stated that “I hope we’ll see events occur that you won’t have to ask me that question next PSX.”

PlayStation Experience is going to be held in December. Sony will share new games, DLC, release dates, and much more. Hopefully, the company will find a better way to implement name changing before PSX, and this rumor turns out to be false.

Source: Tidux

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