Rumor: Next Xbox Could be Called “Xbox 8,” BF3 Allegedly Shown off at CES ’12

It seems another rumor for Microsoft's next-gen console has cropped up and this time, a specific game was even named to be running on it!

Ready for more next-gen console news? Ready or not, we got them for ya! This time, it’s ThisisXbox’s turn as their sources cite that the next-gen console from Microsoft codenamed “Durang,” might be called Xbox 8.

Why “Xbox 8,” you ask? Well, it’s obviously not the eight iteration of the Xbox, but it might be named “8” since its the eight generation of console hardware (count ’em!) and the console will purportedly “heavily” share the same software as the upcoming Windows 8 OS and Windows Phone 8.

Aside from this, it’s also been reported that the console was on display at an invite-only event earlier this year at CES 2012. The console was purportedly running DICE’s Battlefield 3 with next-gen visuals; although next-gen visuals here most likely means that the game was running on-par with today’s high-end PCs.

Again, do keep in mind that this is a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. Though I admit, branding it Xbox 8 does make a lot of sense and it might even subtly be a jab at the PS4 — get it? 8 is twice the amount of 4, so people might think it’s double the power.

Source: ThisisXbox

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