Star Fox Zero Delay is Due to Motion Controls, New Rumor Suggests

Star Fox Zero delay wasn't a shocker for fans as delays have become a norm. However, why exactly devs are taking so much time? Lets find out.

Star Fox Zero delay wasn’t a shocker for fans as delays have become a norm. Developers delay projects in the name of “needing more time” which is totally fine as  delayed  game is better than a rushed piece of crap.

But not all delays make the final product worth playing, in fact in some cases they actually ruin the game as devs get over ambitious.  So, it is best to know exactly what they are doing.

In the case of Star Fox Zero, although we do know that devs needed more time with the game, but what exactly is keeping them busy? Well, rumor has it that devs are working on motion controls. They are making efforts to improve motion controls before finalizing the build.

The rumor originated from Nintendo World Report and later NeoGAF user ShockingAlberto, who has a reputation for providing such information, said that Nintendo is in “development hell. It seems to be due to their excessive focus on motion controls for Star Fox Zero.

From what I have heard, development hell would be characterizing it charitably. More like ‘Everyone is panicking as the game gets sent to certification because certain fundamental control aspects simply don’t work.

Whether too much focus on motion controls is good or bad depends on how you see it. Personally, I am not a big fan of motion controls and would prefer less efforts from devs in this department.

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