Rumor: Medievil PS4 is in Development, Gameplay Clip Leaked

Fans have been wanting a new Medievil for a while and rumors have surrounded the matter for even longer. According to a new leak, the game is in development for PlayStation 4 and could be announced soon.

Not only that there is some gameplay clip in which the main character is seen running around in a graveyard. If this is a fake, someone worked really hard on it.

The video is really short and it can’t be said for sure if it’s actually from the game or just a hoax. Sony has been pretty silent regarding what they are bringing to us at E3 next month. A leak this close to the event makes me wonder if Medievil is about to be revived.

Medieval originally came out for PSOne and was last seen on PSP in the form of Medievil: Resurrection. While I would love to play as Sir Dan once again, it would feel like Sony is just beating-up a dead horse. There are plethora of fans who are hungry for something new and fresh and that’s what Sony should be focused on.

Medievil has a decent fan-base but is it enough for Sony do another game?

With Uncharted 4 delayed, Sony’s 2015 line-up is looking weak. Hopefully, things will change at E3 and Sony be on stage guns-blazing. Who knows, we may also see Medievil make an appearance.


Would you like to see the return on Medievil on PS4?

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