Rumor: Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite To Be Pulled From Digital Stores

It's true that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite wasn't the successful title it was meant to be. However, no one could have thought there's a possibility for game.

It’s true that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite wasn’t the successful title it was meant to be. However, no one could have thought there’s a possibility for the game to be shut down, just one year after its release. Sadly, there’s even a shutdown window, October 2018.

According to a Steam user, who has previously joked about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite being shut down, the rumor is true and the game’s future looks dim. He states:

So I just want to say I removed the jokes previously because it is time I get serious with, this the honest and hard truth is MVCI will be shut down come October 2018. It will be removed from the Steam store and PSN and XBL.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this news was for real so I decided to make a joke thread because I figured it was likely a fake however the same source who provided me with the shut down date of Marvel Heroes Omega has now given me a shutdown for MVCI.

His source, who reportedly works as a contractor in the industry, has previously given him the shutdown date for Marvel Heroes Omega in 2017, so there’s high chance that this is really happening. It’s still too soon to advise people against buying the game or microtransactions, however, all buyers must be cautious and no that their investments might actually be in vain.

The post also reveals that Capcom has plans to release only 3 more DLC characters, released and sold separately, even though his source isn’t sure whether they will actually see the light of day. He says:

I know that nobody has any reason to believe me, but I ask that you guys screen shot my post here and just wait for October and you will see for yourself. My source said that work has been done on a Season 2 for MVCI, there are DLC characters that were in development, however, work was halted halfway and the season 2 pass was ordered to be discontinued by Capcom.

If this rumor is to be believed, then Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be shut down in October 2018. Licensing doesn’t seem to be the issue of this decision but as it seems this might actually be the end of the franchise.

In related news, the game lineup for EVO 2018 has been revealed, and also came with an enormous shock to many fighting game community members; Marvel vs Capcom, a series often seen as a staple of EVO, will not be among the games that people can sign up for to play during the event.

Do you think this rumor could be legit? What are your feelings about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite shutting down?

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