Rumor: Bandai Namco Might Be A Co-Developer For Super Smash Bros. On Nintendo Switch

A strange incident had occurred regarding Super Smash Bros. recently, one that makes us suspect that Nintendo might be keeping “secrets” about the development of Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch.

A mysterious tweet by a former Bandai Namco developer has “revealed” that the famous company might be a developing the famous brawl game alongside Nintendo. Is this an honest mistake or an actual leak?

A Twitter account owner named Tiago Sonobe, who’s a former Bandai Namco developer, has suggested that he left the company before Super Smash Bros production started but he built the rendering engine for it. Both the tweet and his account though were quickly deleted so we can’t know for sure if this actually is a leak.

Its almost impossible for a developer to have mistaken the name of the company he works for or the title he’s developing with another in a tweet. However, it does seem weird for Nintendo to be developing a title along with Bandai Namco, let alone a title of Super Smash Bros’ caliber.

We shouldn’t expect Nintendo nor Bandai Namco to make an official announcement about the incident – if it’s actually true – before E3 2018. If an announcement is to be made, then the June event is the perfect place for Super Smash Bros. to shine.

Let’s think about another option. Bandai Namco is one of the companies that strongly supports Nintendo Switch. We’ve seen Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece games releasing on the console who would undeniably fit Super Smash Bros’ theme. Could this be the case? This seems far-fetched but we’ll have to wait until June to know for sure.

The annual Nintendo E3 presentation shall be broadcasted at 5 pm UK time on Tuesday 12th June. Their prime focus will center on the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Nintendo Switch, which releases later this year.

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