Rockstar Won’t Release GTA 6 In the Current Political Climate

Rockstar revealed through a interview that they are very thankful for not releasing a game like GTA 6. It's not happening as long as Trump is the president.

Rockstar co-founder and vice president, Dan Houser is thankful for not releasing GTA V in the current political situations. He’s thankful for releasing a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 rather than Grand Theft Auto 6 because it would be outdated within two minutes.

Dan Houser discussed GTA 6 in an interview with GQ by saying that he doesn’t know how to make another game in the era where Trump is the president.

It’s really unclear what we would even do with it, let alone how upset people would get with whatever we did. Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant, and very angry. It is scary but it’s also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally to veer towards the absurd. It’s hard to satirize for those reasons. Some of the stuff you see is straightforwardly beyond satire. It would be out of date within two minutes, everything is changing so fast.

So it looks like we will have to wait till the end of the Trump era to hear about GTA 6. It’s been a very long time since we saw a new game in the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA V released back in 2013 and is still being played by millions. It also became the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

Everyone who’s still playing GTA V is expecting a new game to be announced as soon as possible. Rockstar has been very successful in bringing the players back to GTA V. New editions of the game have appeared including GTA Online.

There’s always something going in the game including events or new expansion packs. Other than that, it’s good for the team to take their time to work on the new game in the series.

Rockstar has worked really hard for their upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 which is scheduled to release tomorrow worldwide. It consists of 23 different character stories and 60 hours of content to keep you busy for very long.

Pre-load of RDR 2 is now also available and it’s going to take you very long as the game weighs in at 105 GB on PS4.

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