Rocket League Xbox One Version Tops One Million Unique Players!

Looks like Psyonix is having a blast with Microsoft, Rocket League Xbox One version has over 1 million unique users within the first 3 weeks of release!

All the good things are happening with Rocket League, there is their first Championship Series, they have got their own Superman vs Batman DLC, and then there is the Rocket League Xbox One version which is blowing us away these days.

The popularity of the Xbox One version has made the highlights a lot lately, and now it has been revealed by the developers that they have over one million unique users playing the game on Microsoft’s console right now – note: unique users.

Psyonix took to the official Twitter profile of the game with the figures a couple of hours ago.

The Rocket League Xbox One version was released on February 17, 2016 which means it has not even been a month since the game came out, reaching a million in that period is surely commendable.

Also, this variant of the game includes a number of exclusives from other IPs like Sunset Overdrive and even Halo which have made the (originally) PS4 title to find a warm home among Microsoft’s community.

The developers must really be feeling proud of this breakout hit for it had managed over eight million registered users by the end of last year, generating about $50 million for them – and that is apart from the Rocket League Xbox One version which is being sold for $19.99 on Xbox Live.

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