Rocket League Dev Isn’t Concerned About PS4K

The vice president of Psyonix Studios, who developed Rocket League, said that he wasn't concerned about the PS4K as long as the dev teams would work on it.

Now that the PS4K is all but confirmed by Sony, it’s likely that many studios are already making plans to develop new games that can also be played on the new version of the Playstation 4. One of these cases is Rocket League, developed by Psyonix.

Psyonix’s president Jeremy Dunham doesn’t really seem to be worried about the possibility for developing another version of Rocket League for a new console.

“It’s- what’s interesting about the question, the hypothetical, is, would the introduction of this item change things severely? And the answer is, it doesn’t really change much if that is the case. Because it’s really just a matter of whether or not you can support another platform, and that’s really what it boils down to.”

Rocket League has already experienced a great deal of success on the PC and on Playstation 4; after all, who doesn’t like rocket-powered cars playing soccer with an enormous ball that explodes with every goal?

However, in order to have games be playable on the PS4K, they’ll have to be made to have two different sides, one for a regular Playstation 4, and one for the 4K. While this means that players won’t be locked out of the loop if they have one console or the other, it does mean that there may be extra development time needed in order to make the games run at 1080p resolution.

However, Dunham believes that as long as the development team is willing and able to develop for the Playstation 4K, then there isn’t a problem. If the team isn’t willing there will be a problem, but it also depends on a team-by-team basis.

As long as the developers can support another build of a game for the PS4K to use, then there’s really no problem with developing another version of the game as long as the studios have enough resources.

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