Road Redemption Gets Final Release Date, the Spirite of Road Rash Lives on

The spiritual successor to the popular Road Rash game, Road Redemption, has a final release date. Road Redemption is coming to PC, Mac and Linux on October 15th.

Rest assured, this isn’t a PC, Mac and Linux exclusive. Road Redemption is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. However, players will have to wait till January 15 of next year to play the game.

The original release window for the game, believe or not, was August 2014; but the game got delayed. Many thought its final build might never make it to the market.

According to developer Ian Fisch,  they wanted to take their time with the game and were comfortable with their decision since backers had access to early builds of Road Redemption.

We decided that since our backers have had access to regularly-patched PC, Mac, and Linux beta versions of the game, that it’s better to take our time and release something great, than to feel pressured to stick to our 2014 Kickstarter date and release something mediocre.

He added:

We’ve seen Kickstarted games like Armikrog and Mighty No. 9 release before they were ready,” he continues, “and I don’t think that satisfies anyone

Fisch also commented on the recent botched release of Mighty No. 9. He believes that even a great game like that can be brought down by bringing it to many platforms. So they wanted to make sure each platform gets the best possible version of Road Redemption.

Road Redemption sold 100,000 in early access and its feedback is mostly positive. If you are yet to try the game out, we do recommend getting into its early access on Steam.

Early access will cost you $11.99 as the game is 40% off right now.

Source: Eurogamer

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