Riot Games wants to cut down League of Legends to just one major monthly update

League of Legends has for years been receiving a major update every couple of weeks. This is about to change with the upcoming new season.

League of Legends has for years been receiving a major update every couple of weeks. That makes it two major updates every month, filled with gameplay changes that sometimes prove too significant. This is why the meta is so delicate for the game because it can turn just as quickly.

Speaking with CyberSport in a recent interview, lead gameplay designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street revealed that a new kind of system is currently being considered for League of Legends. It will feature just one major update every month and minor updates every two weeks.

“We always wanted to update League of Legends regularly: it’s unpleasant for players to wait a whole month if they play every day,” Ghostcrawler revealed (translation via TheGameFeed). “But many players say that we change LoL too often. We are considering a system in which a large patch is released once a month, and every two weeks a small update that completes the previous one.”

There is a likelihood that the new system will go live for the upcoming eighth season of League of Legends, meaning that the community will receive twelve updates in the year instead of twenty-four. The only fallout would be that players will not get to see new skins, champion updates, and other exciting new content that frequently. Riot Games is perfectly okay with the notion because the health of the game takes precedence over everything else.

For the time being, all eyes are on the ongoing 2017 League of Legends World Championship. The pre-season will arrive soon after in November, bringing possibly the greatest changes to the game in history.

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