RIFT (PC) Leveling Guide – Defiants and Guardians (1 – 50)

Rift offers a lot of activities to the players from where they can farm XP and level up. This guide is about getting from level 1-50 fast in Rift.

Leveling in any RPG can both be fun and annoying. To make it fun, one needs to know all the possibilities to earn experience and then go for the quests that earn them the most. Same goes for this excitement enriched Rift. Level 50 is the maximum you can go in this game. You can use the following 4 methods to increase the rank of your character.

How to Level up in Rift – Guide

This is the most productive method for the beginners. Most quest are about meeting specified persons, killing some enemy or just use some items. There are a lot of quests out there that will keep you busy till level 15 or so. Leveling up in RIFT is comparatively easy.

Quest givers are identified at the map as the glowing icons, and map shows you the area in which you need to complete a specified quest by light yellow circles on the map. These circles can be one or many at a time dependent on how many quests you have taken.

Right column will show you the details on how far you have completed a specific quest and you can easily return the quest as the specific person you need to return the quest will be a glowing icon on the map.

You can get more details on all the other elements in RIFT by reading our RIFT Beginner’s Guide.

Rift Combats
There are always some RIFTS going on, they are random and you can earn huge chunk of experience points and gold by helping kill all the enemies or closing the Rifts. They are portals that open from the sky to the place where you are on. Rifts are also fun and add dynamics to the rather linear gameplay of a traditional RPG.


You go in groups to defeat bosses that usually are difficult to defeat in solo. So, you have to be fully equipped with gear and gather a good crew for yourself. It earns you a lot of gold and experience but requires a specific level to be eligible for these quests.

PvP Combats
This method is exciting yet un-reliable as you are not always expected to win. Lets you earn some experience but not gold. So this method is not recommended in the beginning, however after you have enough gear, you can go for these battles.

Rift: World’s Zones

Now we need to find out which zones of the World, Rifts, Dungeons to go to level up fast and earning maximum experience points and extra gold.

  • Defiants start there game in Terminus while Guardians do at Mathosia, and they will have to stay there until they reach level 7
  • Then they will move to the Next zone which will contain the Capital City, these zones are named as Silverwood (for Guardians) and Freemarch (for Defiants). Rifts available in them are Life and Fire for Silverwood and Death and Water for Freemarch. Realm of Fae dungeon in Silverwood and Iron tombs dungeon in Freemarch. You have to stay in these zones for about level 17-20
  • Defiants will now move to Stonefield containing Earth and Death Rifts along with Deepstrike Mines dungeon, while Guardians will arrive at Gloamwood where they’ll find Death Rifts and the Darkening Deeps dungeon. You must start these zones at level 20, if you are not level 20 go back in the previous zone and find yourself a Rift. Both of these zones have some rewarding puzzles in them. In Gloamwood you’ll be able to find it at 4540, 2365 and in Stonefield at 4575, 4975, use telescope in this order to reach there 5, 2, 1, 4, 3. You have to stay in these zones upto level 27
  • Uptill now you have been in faction specific zones, but all the upcoming zones will be mixed. you can set up fights with other factions now. Now this new zone is called Scarlet Gorge with Guardians at North and Defiants at the South side. Fire rifts and Foul Cascade dungeon are found here. There is also a Puzzle at 3600, 2775. Try to Level upto 32 here in this zone.
  • Next is Scarwood Reach where you can find Life rifts and King’s Breach dungeon. Puzzle located at 3140, 4420. To find this puzzle you have to light up all the torches around the pillars and move the fires around by clicking on gems.
  • Try to level up to 35 in the previous zone and then start this one which is designed for level 35-42. Runic Descent dungeon is present in this zone.
  • Droughtlands will have Lantern Hook Dungeon and supports up to level 46.

Meanwhile Your build must be balanced in the process of Leveling. Don’t try to make one area very strong while other left untouched. Your movement speed must also be optimized so that you cover distances in minimum time. I will be writing a more detailed guide on Rift Dungeons, and Player vs Player battles. Stay Tuned!

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