Valve Might Be Revamping Overpass Map For CS:GO

The nearly decade-old Overpass map might possibly be in the pipelines of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) for a complete remake.

Following the release of a new update earlier in the week, data miners were quick to discover that the updated game files contained more than just a few stability fixes. Taking to Reddit earlier today, one such data miner noted that CS:GO now contains “a healthy amount of references to an Overpass remake” with new models and new textures.

While seeing developer Valve release a revamped version of Overpass would be exciting, just as it did with the iconic Dust 2 map, some of the unearthed new models have apparently been hiding within the game files of CS:GO for years. The new textures though are actually new, which makes just enough room for speculating Valve to be preparing an Overpass map remake.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received the Overpass map back in December 2013. The Berlin-based map has likely been screaming for a complete overhaul all these years since despite its flaws, Overpass continues to be a frequent map choice for competitive players during tournament runs.

While the CS:GO community awaits Valve to confirm whether there is an Overpass map remake in the mix, the recent update has addressed a boost spot on arches and various other spots where players were getting stuck behind walls.

Elsewhere, Valve had its hands full last week when a strange bug began deleting Steam store pages including the page of CS:GO. The game continued to appear in the search bar but remained offline for several hours before Valve came around to stealthily restore the page with all of its relevant links and content.

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