Rest Assured Fallout 76 Mods Are On The Bethesda Roadmap

Bethesda is well known for how it caters to the modding community. The engine their games are run on is all mod-friendly. Of course, this means they do have plans to incorporate mods into Fallout 76. How will Fallout 76 mods become a reality though?

Chris Mayer, development director of Fallout 76 had this to say:

I will say that we know that modding is an extremely big part of the Bethesda community. It’s something that people love about all these Bethesda games, like going back as far as Morrowind. So it’s on our roadmap. I think once we start doing some cool things with private servers, you’re going to start seeing us then allow players to change more. It’ll be a step-by-step process as we lay it out. It’s something we definitely want to do.

So there is an official confirmation of Fallout 76 mods being made available down the line. What’s unconfirmed is how long that could take.

Fallout 76 had a very rough start in nearly every aspect of the game. The issues included servers which frequently disconnected and lagged. Besides connectivity, the Fallout 76 servers originally lacked a push-to-talk option which meant that you could hear anybody in the server broadcast their voice throughout the map.

The only reason I’m recounting this is to give you an idea of how long we might have to wait for mods to be a priority for Bethesda. Bethesda is still at work patching up the servers as they are. Allowing players to have their own servers with Fallout 76 mods is another feat on its own.

Not to say there aren’t ways to pass the time until then. We’ve still got the pre-beta to Fallout 76 Winter Nuclear.

Fallout 76 Winter Nuclear is an expansion pass that brings Fallout 76 Battle Royale to the mix alongside other things. Then we have the Fallout 76 NPCs to look forward to with the Wastelanders update.

Source: vg247

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