Resistance 3 Walkthrough

Resistance 3 is a direct sequel and is set four years after the events of Resistance 2. United States of American has fallen to the Chimera. Sentinel Joseph Capelli is forced to hide with his wife and son along with other survivors with 90% of Earth’s population either dead or turned into Chimera. Below we have prepared the full Resistance 3 Walkthrough to help you with the game.

Resistance 3 Walkthrough

Capelli puts himself together again for the last stint when Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrives with the plan to deliver a blow to the occupying Chimeran force. Capelli leaves his family on a dangerous journey from Oklahoma to New York City.

You will play Capelli in the singleplayer part of the game, where you will discover the mysteries surrounding the Chimeran invasion and encounter the remnants of humanity that is left in the aftermath of the brutal invasion. Things get interesting when Malikov reveals a cure for the Chimeran virus that he was able to create from Hale’s blood.

The task won’t be easy since odds are against you, so if you get stuck and need help, our Walkthrough will gladly help you.

Chapter 1 – Home

After the initial cutscene and little bit roaming, head to the shooting range for some basic training. Grab the Bullseye and start shooting targets. Also try the EMO grenades. After you are done with training, follow the path to meet Nate.

Move through the tunnels and then outside to encounter the first chimera wave. You can use cars as cover. When the bigger stalker arrives, you need to take down its shield first by tossing the grenade at it. You can climb the roof through the ladders and shoot from above. You can use that containers for cover. A cutscene will follow after you have destroyed it.

Chapter 2 – Wanted Man

After the cutscene, head up stairs and thin down the hybrid population through the hole. Don’t be hasty to jump down as it will be more dangerous. Don’t forget to grab any health packs or other useful items from the dead bodies of hybrid.

Head into the garage and meet your partner. Outside, more chimera will be waiting. Try to stay in cover while you shoot them from distance. Then follow James to the bridge.

Chapter 3 – Paradise Lost

Follow your partner and watch out for the debris falling. Soon you will encounter enemies shooting at your through walls. Deal with them and then you will get hold of a new weapon, “Auger”.

How’s your wall banging skill? Use the Auger to take out enemies through walls. You can also create temporary shields using Auger so use it to defend yourself as plenty of Hybrids will attack in the next sections.

Follow your partner and soon you will encounter another chimera wave. You have a partner to remember? Try not to lose him. Inside that steel structure, you will find health and ammo so if you run short of them, head to that building quickly. As you move forward, more hybrids will attack. Don’t hesitate to throw grenades as they can help in taking out multiple enemies.

Chapter 4 – Women and Children First

Follow your partner. Time to try a new weapon, “Marksman”. There will be heavy resistance outside. Stick to the basics and stay in cover till you thin down the chimera forces.

There will be a few buildings in your way. You can use the higher level to shoot the enemies. Soon, a cutscene will begin. Ammo is crucial ofcourse so make sure you grab it when you find any. After you open the door, as the guy said, watch for the roof tops. There is plenty of cover in this section so all you need is a steady aim. Don’t let the hybrids flank you.

That big creature at the end of the level is a tough notch. He is fast as you can see. The trick here is to keep a safe distance and then shoot the giant. Keep shooting till he is down. That’s all for the level.

Chapter 5 – Rightsburg

The whole mission will start on boat. You need to look your flanks for enemies. Like many times, it is wise to listen to your partner i.e. don’t shoot for any additional trouble.

Soon enemies will start jumping towards your boat. They will throw grenades so you should do the same. Since you are on a boat, the shotgun is going to help a lot. There is plenty of health and ammunition on-board. So make sure you use it when needed.

Also keep an eye on the passage as if the boat is stuck, it will increase the hybrid attack. So shoot the ice blocking the path. They will be everywhere so you need to keep moving and look for the hybrids attacking from different directions.

Soon, you will face Goliath, deal with it while captain starts the boat. Once you reach (hit it actually) the deck. Restore the ammo and the health.

Chapter 6 – City of the Past

Well, you are stuck with the old man. He will be your partner for this mission. Don’t worry, he wont lend you any burden. Shoot the targets to lower the bridge. Proceed further and you will encounter small hybrid resistance above the trains.

Head inside the elevator. That giant Chimera won’t harm you so you can relax. After you use the zip line and reach other side building, you will get the atomizer in the tunnels. Soon you will find enemy forces. Deal with them. That atomizer is one of my favorites. You can use it when enemies are in close range to roast their flesh.

Things are going to be messy. Deal with the enemies below quickly and then climb the stairs to destroy the rest. Shotgun and the Atomizer are your best friends in this section. After you have lowered the catwalk, more chimera will attack along your way. You need to show your agility or they will overrun you.

Through the tunnel now, open the door and climb up the ladder. You will find a new weapon,”Dead Eye”. It will act more or less like a sniper. There will be more of them crawling on the floor in that building so stay put. Your blind fire will be tested a bit. Head to the top of the building and move towards the door.

Chapter 7 – Friends in Low Places

Before you grab that zip-line to get to the other side, you should use your sniper rifle to pop some of those jumping retards. You need to be cautious as they can jump on right over your head in an instant. You will also find a health re-generator there you should grab.

Shoot your way through those mesmerized structure in close quarter combat. Time to rendezvous with your friends down there. Soon, drop ships will arrive. You need to take out that tough guy quickly before it gets close. You can use cars for cover.

Follow your friends in the building start shooting the enemies through the hole in the wall. Follow them to the next section. After you are out of the secret area, a more tough chimera variant needs to be addressed (The Brawler). You need to shoot him hard before it’s too late. Once you are done with the giant creature, follow your friends to the hideout.

Chapter 8 – The Plan

Shooting the drone was easy? Wait for the siren and you will know if the chimera go easy on you. You have the ammo and health resources inside the building so you will have to get in and out of the building. Charlie is your lead. You need to follow him. Remember that you can always switch the weapon fire mode by pressing R2.

You need to keep sprinting behind her and shoot the enemies quickly that come in your way. Don’t try to take any unnecessary risks.

Chapter 9 – Plan B

Follow Charlie and deal with any enemies that come in your way. Then there will be a long battle with the hybrids on the rooftop. Use your position as cover while you shoot them from distance.

As you proceed further, you will face small enemy waves. You need to clear the path for Charlie. After the cutscene on the roof, the Widow-maker will arrive to scare you. You need to shoot the orange spots. Watch-out for that green matter as it’s damaging. You can use that zip-line to get to the other side for a better angle. Luckily, you have plenty of space to move so you can get to cover whenever you pinned.

On a side note, when that creature went down, it reminded me of that large locust in Gears of Wars series.

Chapter 10 – The Hunt

It’s the hunt and it’s the night-time. Soon you will find Chimera swarming the area. It’s won’t be surprising if you die a couple of times in this mission. Lookout for the drop ship. You need to stay in cover while you take out enemies from distance.

It’s more or less like a black ops mission. You can’t afford to be spotted and you need to take out enemies that come your way. Anyways, as you move out of the tunnel, there will some hopping enemies you need to take care of. Also lookout for those snipers. Spot them and take them out quickly. You will notice that at certain points, sprinting away from the trouble is the better option.

Make sure that you grab the ammo and health upstairs. Keep on moving till you reach the bridge. Here you need to take out the drop ship. For that, move to the open area and pick up a weapon called, “wild-fire”. The weapon is effective but it does not mean that it will be easy to take it out. Use cover when needed. Follow the old hag to conclude the mission.

Chapter 11 – Saviour

Things are going to get tougher. After you leave the door, climb the ladder and you will encounter first chimera wave in this level. Make your way through the village streets and if you find yourself blocked, you can use the buildings. Be watchful though as those dangerous hybrids are hiding in the dark. Also those bursting hybrids that will blast after death can be troublesome. If you are using the shotgun, make sure that you keep moving or you will be overrun by the crowd.

Chimera will keep on attacking as you move further in search of Joseph. When you find him, follow him to the elevator. Next, you will have to protect Johno while he fixes fuse.You will have to do the same exercise on the ground floor. If you have the weapon that freezes enemies, use it to deal with multiple hybrids far approaching.

Chapter 12 – Satan

Move through the opened door and grab the gas tanks. Place these tanks near the locked door and after reaching a safe distance, shoot the tanks to open the door. Grab another tank as you are going to need it for another blocked door ahead.

As you move through the tunnel, some enemies will attack. Leave the gas tank and deal with them first. Open the door and keep moving forward. You will soon face the dangerous giant creature. That’s why the level is named as “Satan”.

You will confront this giant beast in intervals. Whenever you find it, you need to to shoot the eyes. In the third meeting, there will be gas tanks nearby. Pop these tanks in it’s mouth and then shoot it. It will retreat once again. Your partner is injured so are on your own from now on.

Keep on moving through the tunnel and soon you will hear it’s sound again. Once you are in cart, shoot at it’s eyes as it follows you. In the next section, it will be trapped in the hole. You need to keep moving while you shoot at it. grab the gas tanks there and start tossing them at it. After some intensified battle, you will be able to take the beast down.

Chapter 13 – Nature of the Beast

You have defended the boat, right? it’s time to defend the train. You have infinite health kits in that box so you can free your arms a bit. Listen to the guide who will tell you about the approaching enemies.

It’s a pretty long ride, but considering the fact that health is not an issue, it’s quite an enjoyable level. You may face a little bit of trouble when enemies will reach get the train. If you keep your eyes open, you can spot them before they can harm you.Cutscenes are a bit freaky but that can be expected considering the ruthlessness of the foe you are up against.

Chapter 14 – The Lions

You have toying with different weapons. How about a sledgehammer? In this level, since you are captured, you can grab that hammer and smash enemies’ heads with it. That’s all you can do, really. You need to aim for the head. You will have to continue swinging your hammer till that guy from the balcony is satisfied.

Chapter 15 – Encore

Someone will come to aid you in the prison. He will also give you a gun, “The Mutator”. It makes bodies puke and may be blast sometimes. The results are random. Who cares, you have a real weapon alteast. Now, it’s the prison break. Remove any guards that come in your way.

Your friend will be there with the guideline. Follow him to the the another control area. You need to disable the drones ofcourse. There will be a few thug groups too so don’t be too hasty. Shotgun is always great in close quarter combat.

After taking out the drone, move through the door. Soon you will reach another section crawling with thugs. Stay behind the wall while you shoot them. Soon, your new friend will be in touch with. Meet him in the kitchen and then head further. You will have to protect him while he opens the door for you. Move through the door to conclude this mission.

Chapter 16 – Retribution

Open the door and start moving through the tunnel passage. You have the sledgehammer for but don’t worry, weapons will be there soon. Watch out for the enemies emerging from water. After climbing up the ladder, you will get the freezing weapon.

Soon, you will hear the screams which means that the chimera are nearby. Freeze them first and then rip them apart. Hybrids will increase in number. Luckily, you will have an assault rifle for your aid. After dealing with the chimera in the circular area, move through the door. Grab that weapon and move through the battle area back to prison.

You can use that rocket launcher to take out multiple enemies. Soon the elevator door will open. Quickly head towards it and then move to the droid. Fight with that rough guy is going to be filmy. Press the onscreen buttons to win the duel.

Chapter 17 – Commitment

This is the level where you are going to need a lot of weapon shifting. Hybrids will be swarming the area. As you move through different sections and torn apart structures, chimera will welcome you at every step.

Don’t forget to grab the ammo or health you find inside. Keep shifting your weapons for more effective use. There will be plenty of ammo in the tunnels. Along the train pathway, more chimeras will attack. Shoot them from distance.

After you move through the wrecked train, there will be a three way battle. Now you can let chimera fight with the second foe which makes things a little bit easy for you. Otherwise, you can shoot anything that comes your way.

Once, you are outside the tunnel, “Black Widow” will welcome you. It has weak spots i.e the orange spots and its eyes. If you have the launcher along you, use it for greater damage. Once that giant incest is down, you are good to go for the next chapter.

Chapter 18 – Wasteland

Stay inside the building and shoot the few chimera outside. Move through the chamber’s opening. On the other side, you will find a lot chimera rolling. Sniping is going to help. Try to stay in cover and don’t expose yourself in open. You might have to dash through certain sections to get to the health.

The best way to deal with those hoping chimera is to shoot them with the launcher. Snipers will make things difficult for you. Spot them fast before they can cause any trouble. You can grab some health derelict houses.

Next, into the energy center, blow up the power cores. You will also find health kits inside. After you are back outside, expect hybrids to go mad on you. The level setting is quite challenging and it won’t be weird if you die a couple of times in this level. After you leave the ship, there will be a door you need to activate. Climb up the stairs to do that. Destroy the energy core to open it.

Move up the slope to the left to grab some items. Deal with the enemies below you. You can use the launcher to taker care of the turret in the section. Your encounter with chimera on the frozen lake is the last one for this chapter. So keep it steady and it will end well.

Chapter 19 – Sabotage

After a quite start, some of the hybrids will rush in. They should not cause any big trouble by now. Collect any ammo or health you find. At the other end, you will meet your partner. Break open the next door so that both of you can get past. You need to deactivate the shield from the control area. Chimera won’t make it easy though.

Watch out for that fan if you don’t want to be chopped that is. Take the elevator to the top and as you move through the pipe section, what else you can expect except of chimeras. You may have to shoot them through walls from distance. Keep moving and soon you will meet up with your partner again. You will have to deal with some more enemies before you can get through the door.

Chapter 20 – The Promise

The setting will tell you that it’s the concluding chapter of the game. It usually happens that all your skills you have learnt is tested in the final level. And Resistance 3 is no different. Expect a lot of restarts as there will be plenty to take care of including drones and the hybrids.

Shoot the cores as much as you can. After you have taken care of all the enemies and destroyed the cores, the stronghold will start to collapse. Keep shooting even when you are hanging with the wire to take out the brute and the remaining hybrids. And after you grab your partner’s hand (too filmy i guess), Resistance 3’s singleplayer campaign will conclude here. Sit back and enjoy the ending.

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