Resident Evil Village Tips and Tricks

For players new to the Resident Evil series, we have listed some tips and tricks that will help you out during your journey in Resident Evil Village.

For players new to the Resident Evil series, we have listed some Resident Evil Village Tips and Tricks that will help you out during your journey in RE 8.

Resident Evil Village Tips and Tricks

Resident Evil Village has finally been released, and the long-awaited entry in the Resident Evil series has had all long-time fans hyped up. In RE8 Village, you will be shooting through lots of monsters as you play through the story, collecting supplies and new weapons as you progress.

Below we have some tips and tricks for you that may help you progress through the RE Village story much more easily.

Exploring an area will turn them from Red to Blue
In Resident Evil Village, when you enter a new location, it will be marked as red on the map. The red color indicates that the area contains items that can be discovered. These items range from ammo to various different types of collectibles.

Once all the items in an area have been discovered, then the area will turn blue on the map, which will indicate that the area has been searched completely. This is a big helping mechanic so keep it in mind while playing.

Don’t Waste ammo to kill Animals
In RE Village, you will need to kill animals in order to obtain upgrades at The Duke’s Kitchen. When pursuing animal kills, use melee weapons such as a knife to kill them and save up your ammo for monsters. Ammo is not in an abundant amount as you play, so save as much as you can for tougher enemies.

Shoot Birdcages for Loot
As you play through the story, you will spot Birdcages hanging in several places. Make sure to shoot these Birdcages as they contain different loot items such as Lei, gunpowder, and much more. These items will surely help you in one way or the other.

Keep an eye out for Yellow items
During your journey through different areas in RE Village, keep an eye for items wrapped with yellow tape or having yellow paint on them. These yellow items will contain different crafting materials and loot items for you.

Look out for Valuable Treasure Items
In RE 8, treasures are a type of collectibles that can be exchanged for Lei by talking to Duke. However, some treasures are combine-able written in their description, meaning that they have more parts that can be combined to make them more valuable, which in return will net you more Lei. So make sure that before selling a treasure, read its description.

Extra Content Shop
Make sure to check out the extra content shop, which unlocks after you finish the story for the first time. This shop includes some game modes, new weapons, ammo mods, and many other things. CP currency is required to make purchases in this shop.

Shoot Sparkles
Just like Birdcages, there are little sparkles that can be shot down to obtain different kinds of crystals. These crystals can then be sold to Duke for Lei.

Increase Inventory Space
Duke has lots of upgrades to offer, and one of the best is the increase of inventory space. Make sure to upgrade it once you have 10,000 Lei to spare. Another useful upgrade is bullet recipes, which will allow you to craft your own ammo through the resources you find while exploring.

Know when to run away
Sometimes, you get overwhelmed by monsters and boss enemies during a fight. If you feel that you are close to dying, then running away is the best option instead of staying and dying. Running away will allow you to regroup and refresh yourself, and then you can take on the fight again when you are ready.

Sell Old weapons
As you progress, you will find a new type of weapon which will deal much more damage than the ones you find earlier in the game. It is better to sell off the weapons you don’t require to free up inventory space while also obtaining Lei for selling them.

Pay attention to game sounds
In RE Village, different sounds mean different things. Each different type of enemy has a different sound when it arrives. So make sure you pay attention to these to get a quick idea of what type of enemy is coming for you.

Different noises also play when you are near different collectibles, so pay attention to that as well.

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