Resident Evil Village Propeller Head Boss Guide

Strum is the boss with the Propeller Head that you will encounter at Heisenberg’s Factory in Resident Evil Village. This boss is simple but can get very annoying if you don’t know what to do. In this Resident Evil Village Propeller Head Boss guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about defeating Strum.

Resident Evil Village Propeller Head Strum Boss

Strum is a semi-mechanical boss with a Propeller Head that you encounter in Heisenberg’s Factory in RE 8 Village and can be difficult to beat if you don’t follow the proper steps. Now, let’s start with the different things you need to make sure of before getting into a fight with that boss.

How to Defeat Strum, the Propeller Head

Before getting into a fight with Strum in RE Village, you have to make sure you have enough ammunition and mines because you are going to need these a lot in the fight. You can also use a shotgun when it reveals its weakness.

As the fight starts, the Strum will charge and rush towards you. You have to use this as an opportunity to make the fighting area larger. You have to just dodge the oncoming attacks, and the propeller boss will hit the wall.

The walls will break, making the fighting area larger. This makes it easier to dodge Strum and hit its weak spot.

Hit the Weak Spot
The weak spot of the Propeller Head boss is the red reactor at his back. You have to hit that red reactor as much as possible when the opportunity presents itself.

To make Strum reveal its weak spot, you have to make it charge headfirst at you, and after that, you have to dodge his attack. Strum will go running into a wall and become stunned for a short while. This is the opportunity for attacking the reactor at his back.

Hit that reactor more and more. Be cautious, as this will also heat it up (more on that later). To deal some extra damage, you can use mines as well. You have to lay mines around the area and, after that, make Strum stand on them and then detonate the bombs.

Overheat Strum
Once you are successful in making few hits at the reactor, it will catch fire. Strum now gains access to a deadly streak of fire which he throws at you. It will be telegraphed by noise, so make sure you familiarize yourself with it and run!

Note that Strum will not be stunned in this overheated form when he hits a wall after the charge. So, you’ll have to perform a few consecutive dodges.

You need to move quickly, but you don’t want to give the propeller boss any chance to escape while doing so. So you have to make the boss hit into the walls and use all the chances to hit the reactor at his back.

You can run through fire while trying to attack him since it doesn’t cause much damage. However, just continue to do that and the Strum will eventually explode into pieces.

Now that you have successfully defeated the Propeller Boss Strum in RE 8 Village, you will be rewarded with crystal remains for defeating him. Sell them at Duke’s Shop for money.

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