How to Get Maestro’s Collection Treasure in Resident Evil Village

RE 8 has been released and many secrets and treasures are hidden in the game waiting to be found. This guide will let players know how to get the Maestro’s Collection treasure in Resident Evil Village.

How to Get Maestro’s Collection Treasure in Resident Evil Village

Maestro’s Collection is a hidden item that can be found in Luthier’s House in the south of the village in Resident Evil 8. The house is also known as “House with Missing Owners.” you cannot access the house the first time you get to it.

How to get into Luthier’s house

To enter the house in RE8 Village, you need to get the house key. To get the house key progress with the game till you reach House Beneviento. After you pass through the Garden of House Beneviento, you can find Luthier’s key here.

Simply look for a gate on the side of the Garden. This gate will lead to a sloping path. At the end of the path is a small hut. Enter this hut. Here, you can use the typewriter to save your game. Along with the typewriter is Luthier’s Key. Once you get this key, you can now access Luthier’s House.

Make your way back to the house and use the key to get in. Inside, loot all the cabinets and drawers to find gold and other various items. Inside the house, you will notice a cupboard with a huge lock on it. You now need to get the combination to this lock.

Lock Combination

The combination of the lock is inside the house. As soon as you enter, look to your left to see a “Happy Birthday” drawing pasted on the wall. On this drawing is the birth date as well. This date is the combination of the lock on the cupboard.

The combination is 270917. Once you use this combination on the lock, it will open, allowing you to loot the contents of the cupboard.

Inside the cupboard are two items. One is a statue of a bird named “Steel Hraesveglr.” along with this, on the lower shelf, is a box.  Open this box to get a High Caliber Mag for the F2 rifle.

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