Resident Evil Village Locker Locations and Codes Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Locker Locations and Codes, we'll be showing you how to access all safes and the contents within them

You’ll find a number of items locked away in safes and lockers in RE8. In this Resident Evil Villager Locker Codes and Locations guide, we will be showing you locations for lockers and the respective codes that unlock them.

Resident Evil Village Locker Locations and Codes

To unlock padlocks, you will require knowledge of a sequence of six numbers. RE8 Locker Codes can be discovered by observing your surroundings.

However, if you don’t really want to go through the thrill of finding these RE Village codes yourself, you can always consult our guide directly and find these padlocks along with the codes that are required to unlock them.

Safe #1 The Village 1F – Workshop
Reaching the Workshop for the first time in The Village; you’ll find yourself stopped by a puzzle that prevents you from gaining access to the items in the metal cabinet.

Simply look out the window and you can find the combination by linking the digits written outside with the two on the broken frame. The code, in this case, will be ‘070408’.

Door #1 House Benevento – Doll Workshop
The second locker is found during the creepy Doll Workshop puzzle located in House Beneviento. First, you’ll have to grab the Blood Covered Ring off the hand of the mannequin.

The code for the safe is found on the Bloody Ring once you clean it with running water using the tap. Examining the ring gives the code, ‘052911’.

Safe #2 The Village 1F – Maestro’s Collection
When you reach the house of Maestro’s Collection, you will notice that a padlock will prevent you to get the prize available. Look around and you will find a written note which says “I will never forget her fifth birthday”.

Then go inside the other room and there, you will find out a date 27.09.17. This date is the code you are looking for to unlock the padlock. So, the code is: ‘270917’. You will be able to open the locker once you enter this code.

For opening the lockers, you need to enter the codes. You should press the up/ down buttons to spin the code so that you can unlock the safe/door. You will get different rewards like rifles, guns, and other special items to assist you in your playthrough in RE8.

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