Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Puzzles Guide

There are four different Labyrinth Ball Puzzles in Resident Evil Village. All of these require specific Key items, a ball, to start and complete. This Resident Evil Village guide will help you complete all the Labyrinth puzzles as well as find the locations of the balls you need to complete them.

Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Puzzles

Since the developers didn’t want to make it easier on players, there are multiple labyrinth puzzles throughout RE 8 Village that require different strategies to solve. Thankfully, if you are struggling with any of the labyrinths, we have got you covered with instructions on how to clear every labyrinth in RE Village.

Castle Labyrinth Puzzle

The first Labyrinth is the Castle Labyrinth. It is found in the Merchant’s Room next to Hall of the Four (the room with the angel statues) at Castle Dimitrescu. To complete this puzzle, you need the Flower Swords Ball key.

To Find the Flowers Swords Ball key, you need to get the Dimitrescu’s Key and open the door on the left in the courtyard. Opening this door will get you access to the Opera Hall section of the castle. Get the map on the wall in front of you and then head up the stair on the left.

Upstairs, again turn left and go through the door to get to the Opera Hall Balcony. On the left side, at the end of the balcony, will be the Flower Swords Ball in a broken display case. An enemy will also be waiting to ambush you.

With the ball, head back to the puzzle. Use the ball and guide it through the castle path. Most of it is easy, but you need to make sure to drop the ball in the lit tower after the bridge. There are other holes as well and dropping in these will cause you to start again.

Completing the puzzle rewards you with a Crimson Skull.


The ball for this puzzle can be found first. When you are making your way through the garden towards the suspension bridge, look in the small extension to the right. Near one of the gravestones is a small box with the Sun and Moon Ball in it.

As you exit from this small extension to your left will be a gate. Open it to gain access to a small house. Inside the house is where you will find the Labyrinth. For this Labyrinth, simply guide the ball down the curved path without dropping it to solve the puzzle.

Completing the puzzle rewards you with an Onyx Skull.

Moreau’s Labyrinth Puzzle

When returning to the Stronghold, look around the observatory. Here, you will spot a small path leading to the right. Follow this path. It is a dead end with a small shrine at the end. This shrine holds the Mermaid Ball that you need to complete the Moreau Labyrinth.

To get to the Labyrinth, run around the observatory towards the left into s small shack. Here you will find the Moreau Labyrinth. In the Labyrinth, as you roll the ball to its destination, make sure you exit the water wheel on the first platform. If you miss it, you will be forced to start over.

The second step is to take care when you fall down the tunnel, as the path ahead is broken a bit and you need to roll your ball from the very corner to make it through.

Completing the puzzle rewards you with a Chartreuse Skull.

Heisenberg’s Factory

The Ball for the factory Labyrinth is not found, but you have to make it. For the first set, you need the ball mold. From the Grinder Shaft, head up the door on the right and towards the Ventilation Duct.

In this small area, you can move a trolley to reveal a small vent. Crouch and go through this vent and in a huge briefcase, you will find the ball mold.

With the Mold in your hand, get to the Foundry in basement level 4 of Heisenberg’s factory. Here, interact with the pedestal to mold a ball in the Ball Mold. Doing this will get you the Horse Ball.

With the ball in your possession, you can now head on to solve the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is located in basement level 4 in the room opposite Duke’s shop. Enter the room and get ready to roll the Horse Ball.

In the Labyrinth, for the first fall, make sure you look out for the rotating handles as they might knock out the ball.

There is an annoying bit where you must roll the ball onto a spinning cog. When you enter the spinning cog, shift the camera angle left so that you can view where exactly you have to drop off the ball.

For the second drop, make sure the ball falls inside the yellow trolley. After that, the path is very straight with no hazards. Completing the puzzle rewards you with a Bister Skull.

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