How to Fix FOV Issues in Resident Evil Village

In this guide, we will discuss how to fix the Field of View (FOV) issues in Resident Evil Village. We...

In this guide, we will discuss how to fix the Field of View (FOV) issues in Resident Evil Village. We will look at all the mods that can help us fix this issue and some more details and tips for the game. Let’s get started:

How to fix the Field of View (FOV) Issue in Resident Evil Village

On PC, gamers usually like to adjust their FOV to better view enemies in FPS shooter games. Despite being a phenomenal first-person horror shooter game, Resident Evil Village does not have a Field of View slider. This means that there is no way to adjust the Field of View in this game from the settings.

When there is a will, there is a way! The modding community has come up with mods that fix the issue. The first fix is from Nexus Mods.

Maceyface RE Village FOV Fix

This is the best fix for the Field of view issue in Resident Evil Village. With this mod, you can fix this issue in real-time by just moving the slider that appears after installing it.

You can even change the base field of view and the zoomed-in Field of view. Once you select your preferred Field of view, the mod will keep them saved and use them whenever you run the game. However, the mod will not work during cutscene as they are prerecorded and don’t render in real-time.

We live in a developed age and not having the option to adjust the Field of View is a thing of the past. Not letting the player get a good field of view is not gonna cut it. Fortunately, PC gamers have a way out of every sticky situation.

Here are some of the Mod Details. You can download it from here.


  • This mod gives you sliders for the Field of view in RE Village that help you change the Field of view in real-time.
  • The sliders for the base Field of view and zoomed-in Field of view are separate.
  • You can even update agnostic.
  • The adjusted Field of view and auto-set values are remembered by the mod.

There are some issues with the mod as well. Here are the bugs related to the mod:

The mod sometimes cannot find the initial value when you run the mod the first time. You can fix this by making a proxy DLL version. Launching using this version will fix this issue. Having to open a second program is kind of annoying.

When you make the Field of view larger, the cutscenes will be zoomed out as well. You can figure out why this is and there is no fix for this.

You have to override the vignette if the screen feels darker.

How to Install the RE Village FOV Mod
Here is how you can install the mod:

  • Download the mod using the link given above.
  • Extract wherever you want it to.
  • Load the game.
  • Start playing a new or saved game.
  • Now open the mod.
  • It will automatically find the values in memory for the Field of view.
  • You can now use the sliders to change the Field of view

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