Resident Evil: Village Director Teases How DualSense Makes Guarding/Countering “Very Effective”

Resident Evil: Village has already been confirmed by developer Capcom to be making full use of the new DualSense features for an immersive experience on PlayStation 5. One of those said uses has now been subtly revealed.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine for the latest issue, director Morimasa Sato stated that “it felt like a natural conclusion” for Resident Evil 7 to have a system to guard against enemy attacks. Resident Evil: Village had to hence not only bring those guarding mechanics back but also evolve them further.

Sato explained that guarding in the game has been tied up with countering. Resident Evil: Village will firstly give players a button input to guard against enemy attacks which “with a further input pushes an enemy away for a chance to counter-attack.” The wording suggests the dual functionality to be tied up to a single button or a trigger in the case of PlayStation controllers.

Capcom has confirmed that the haptic feedback of DualSense will simulate the feeling of firing a real gun while the adaptive triggers will simulate the weight and pull of weapon triggers. Resident Evil: Village will hence possibly allow players to feel the impact of guarding against enemy attacks while holding the new adaptive triggers. The impact will serve as sort of a prompt so that players can then push the adaptive triggers further for a counter-attack with their guns.

“It is a very effective system when trying to survive in the game but it is still first and foremost an emergency measure — it is by no means central to the combat,” concluded Sato about the guarding and countering mechanics in the game.

It should be noted though that guarding will not completely eliminate damage taken. Sato confirmed that guarding will only enable players to take less damage from enemies and the opportunity push enemies away to either escape or reply with force.

Resident Evil: Village brings Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC on May 7, 2021.

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