Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Daughters Boss Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Daughters Boss guide, we'll be showing you how to get rid of the vampire trio effectively

Resident Evil 8 Village is continuing the legacy of previous installments for being vile and horrifying. As your character Ethan Winters proceeds through the game, he’ll come across many challenges, one of which are the Dimitrescu Daughters. In this Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Daughters Boss guide, we’ll be showing you how to deal with the Vampire trio.

Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Daughters Boss

Resident Evil 8 is filled with nonstop action. The game has several bosses, including the three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu. In this guide, we’ll be looking into how to kill each of them in RE8 and the effective techniques to use while combatting them.

Lady Dimitrescu has three daughters; Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra.  A cutscene will start when you encounter these witches. All three of these witches will abduct you by stabbing your legs with a sickle and drag you to their mother. They’ll hang you up to a higher platform by piercing your hands through the metal hooks. You will be left hanging until they come back to feast on you.

You’ll manage to get off the hooks by painfully piercing your skin through the hooks and get the health potion from the nearby table to help with the pain.

Now it’s time to deal with each of the daughters one by one.

How to Defeat Bela – Kitchen

After you’ve escaped the room where the witches hung you, you’ll have to escape the chamber altogether. You’ll be encountering some ghouls and spirits when you’re there, so be sure you have your guard up for that. Then, after you have taken all of them down, run upstairs, and here you’ll realize someone is following you.

You’ll find yourself in a circle of cages, so walk around in a complete loop until you see stairs and go up to the kitchen. You can now hear the witch very clearly.

You’ll have a little plank in front of the kitchen, so take it down, and a cutscene will be played. The witch will be right behind you, and it’s time to fight her.

All three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu can be killed when exposed to cold air outside so make sure you look around for the sources that can bring in the air. Bela will come slashing at you with her sickle and will dodge any attack made by you.

Be sure you shoot the window near you to let the air in and unleash all the lead you have at her nonstop. The outside wind will weaken her, and by shooting her at her in this weakened state will make it easier to kill her.

Switch between your shotgun and handgun to create a more damaging impact until she freezes into a stone, and you shoot one last time to break her apart.

How to Defeat Daniela – Library

You’ll find Lady Dimitrescu following you once you’ve obtained the Iron Insignia Key. Run to the second floor to the library, and you’ll have your encounter with Daniela. Unfortunately, you can’t escape this situation as the door will be locked, so be ready to fight her.

Just like combating the previous daughter, Bela, you’ll have to find a source to bring in the air to defeat Daniela. You’ll look up and find a removable ceiling. When you shoot at it, you’ll realize it is strong enough for bullets not to pierce through.

At this point, you’re going to want to try finding a tool that can open it. During all of this, Daniela will come at you with her sickle and attack violently.

Shoot her with your shotgun to push her away until you find a lever on one of the pillars. After you find the lever, pull it down to remove the skylight from the ceiling.

The air will come inside and cause significant damage to her. Instead of attacking, she’ll now start dodging you by hiding behind the furniture. The roof will close in short intervals, so stay close to the lever and pull it down as it is about to close. Shoot nonstop at Daniela until she becomes rock hard and shoot at her one last time, so she crumbles.

How to Defeat Cassandra – Armory

As you make your way to the Armory after dodging Lady Dimitrescu and Cassandra, you’ll, unfortunately, meet Cassandra again. She’ll appear in the Armory and start attacking at you. Make sure that you’re full on ammo beforehand.

Since the room itself is very small, you won’t be able to dodge as much as you did with her two sisters. As she’s coming towards you, run to the black table and pick up the pipe bomb. Now look around, and you’ll find a wall with a crack.

This wall will become your source to bring in the cold air, so use the bookshelf to push it against the wall. Throw the pipe bomb, and upon exploding, there will be a massive hole in the wall causing the air to rush in.

Just like her two sisters, Cassandra will become very vulnerable and start cursing. She’ll begin to attack at you very pugnaciously, so dodge as much as you can. Start shooting at her with no breaks until she solidifies into a rock. Shoot at her one last time until she breaks apart just like her sisters.

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