Resident Evil Project Resistance Offers 4-Player Co-Op Horror

Just like how earlier speculations dictated, Project Resistance is indeed a brand new team-based survival horror experience in the Resident Evil franchise.

The announcement comes ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, during which Capcom will be revealing more details. For the time being, Project Resistance has received a pre-rendered trailer that shows four young characters fighting against the undead. They seem to be trying to escape a lab or facility, armed with baseball bats, shotguns, and more. There’s also a fifth character who’s toggling switches from a control room of sorts to activate different kinds of monsters before finally powering up Mr. X to take on the survivors.

Project Resistance looks to be a four-player cooperative game with online multiplayer features similar to Resident Evil Outbreak. It could possibly pit four players against waves of enemies. However, considering the fifth element, there’s also the strong possibility that the four players will be taking on one player-controlled enemy.

Interestingly, the new game was dubbed Project Resistance when it was being teased. It appears that Capcom has stuck to it and will be keep it as the title. Tokyo Game Show will be where the developer drops gameplay footage for the first time. Japanese residents will be able to get some hands-on, provided that they have registered in advance.

Project Resistance has received no release date as of yet. Capcom, though, has confirmed that the game is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s been nothing more said about the Resident Evil franchise by the company, which was rumored this year to be remaking Resident Evil 3 after the critical reception of the stunning remake of Resident Evil 2. There’s also Resident Evil 8, a new mainline entry, to think about. Whatever’s cooking behind closed doors, it’s apparent that Project Resistance is just one item in the Resident Evil bag.

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