Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – Main Hall Exploration, Finding Dog Heads, Sky Hunter Puzzle

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you through the Main Hall, where to find the 3 Dog heads, Mia VHS Tape and how to solve the Sky Hunter Puzzle.

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you through the Main Hall, where to find the 3 Dog heads, Mia VHS Tape and how to solve the Sky Hunter Puzzle.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough Main House

Main Hall Exploration

As you enter the Main Hall smash the Mr. Everywhere statue to your left. While it says to shoot the statue but a knife would do just fine if you want to conserve ammo. Also, work your way around the Main Hall and collect items as you go.

Along the way, a nearby phone will ring, answer it. Now go to the Main Hall in Clockwise manner and you will find a Clock Pendulum to the right of the north-east door then you will find a file “Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing”.

To the east, you will find the Sky Hunter puzzle, but we will come back to it later, to the south, you will find a shotgun. To get the shotgun you need an item to replace it which is a good throwback to the original Resident Evil. At the moment you can’t retrieve it but if you are keen to find out how then check out our Resident Evil 7 Shotgun Guide – Where to Find

3 Dog Heads Locations

To find the first dog head you have to backtrack all the way to the Living Room and insert the pendulum into the clock which will give you a White Dog Head. Return to the main hall and insert it into the northern door to free up space in the inventory.

Now make your way upstairs and go through the west door and then to the upstairs corridor. Now take a right and keep going along the outside edge and enter the Recreation Room. In the room, you will find a book to the south, rotate it into pages then open it to get the Blue Dog Head.

There are some items in the Recreation Room including two files. First one is the “Jack’s Memo” on your left as you enter and ‘Jack’s Journal’ in the drawer to the east. An Antique Coin and Mr. Everywhere statuette in the corner and gunpowder from the bin.

To the west, there is a bar where you will find a VHS Tape of Mia. Retrieve it and play it with the nearest VHS player. However, watching the tape is not necessary but it does give some clues as to what happened to Mia.

While the first two heads were fairly easy to find but finding the third Doghead is quite complicated as it requires players to explore the Precessing Area. But you have to get there first.

Leave the Recreation Room and go to the bathroom and grab the herb along the way from the drawer. Make sure you have storage space before entering the bathroom. In the bathroom drain the tube and collect the Wooden Statuette. There is also handgun ammo in the in the drawer and an Antique coin in the toilet.

As you make your way outside the bathroom Jack will appear, just let him follow you around the bathroom and run towards the exit. Go to the left and you can drop down from the broken bannister to the floor below outside the garage. Run towards the Laundry Room to lose Jack.

However, Jack is still pursuing you, as soon as you leave the room Jack will appear as you approach the corner. Run back to the Laundry Room but keep the door open so you can see him walk past. Wait till he is out of sight then run towards the Main Hall.

Sky Hunter Puzzle

With the Wooden Statue is your possession, go to the Sky Hunter projector to the far side and keep rotating it until it matches the hawk in the painting.

Now that the door is open, slide through the wall to enter the room with a giant stuffed deer, this is the Drawing Room. There are some collectables in the room, be sure to grab them and before you leave smash the Mr. Everywhere statue next to the Crow Door.

Enter the room to the west where you will find an Antique Coin inside the ashtray on the table. Now head north through the Monitoring Room which will be covered in mould. A monster will emerge from there, you can either fight it or run past it.

If you decide to fight it, then some headshots will ensure its demise. If you don’t just run past it through the door then round the corner to the north and get into the corner room which is a safe room.

Manage your inventory and when you are ready to take the steps down to the B1 Processing Area.

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