Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – Crank Location, Crow Key Location, Marguerite Pit Boss Fight

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you how to obtain the Crank and the Crow Key location so that you can further progress through the story.

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you about how to obtain the Crank, the Crow Key location so that you can further progress through the story and also how to survive the Marguerite Pit Boss Fight.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

How To Find The Crank And The Crow Key Location

After completing the Venomous Predator puzzle slide through the passage that opens up. Pick up the solid fuel and herb on the other side then you have to paths, the basement and the stairs. But to go upstairs you are required to have the Crow Key so head to the basement.

The basement is a small space where you have to crawl and this is where you will fin the Crank, a Mr Everywhere figure and other consumables. Use the crank on the pulley just ahead from where you emerge back out of the basement to raise a bridge back to the Entrance.

You can also use the crank to in the north east of the Old House to raise the bridge in the swamp but be careful as Marguerite will be waiting for you.

Direct confrontation with Marguerite is to be avoided but you need to get to the other side. So get spotted then loop back around the Entrance and to the Dining Room from the south to make her move from her position.

Once she moves, use this opportunity to raise the bridge and you will find the Crow Key along with an Antique Coin on top of the toilet in the outhouse. Now you need to make the Journey back across the house and use the Crow Key. However, you will encounter Marguerite so take the other route through the rooms to avoid her.

Marguerite Pit Encounter

Before you use the Crow Key heal yourself up and make sure you have a lot of Burner ammo as you are about to face Marguerite. Once you enter, Marguerite will push you down a pit. Use the burner in controlled burst in her direction as she prepares a swarm to attack you.

This will not only kill the insects but will also damage her. After few attempts, she will fall into the pit and will dissolve. Immediately use the ladder in front of you to climb out before the gung damages you and proceed through the door.

Now you have entered the Old House 2F and in the Altar Room. Open the case in front of you and read the file on the lid to log “Serum Documentation”. Now the phone will ring, answer it and proceed to the right to continuing exploring the Altar room.

The room on the north side has Marguerite’s Notebook on the desk and some shotgun shells in the drawer and a set of scales next to the door towards the east. There is also a Mr. Everywhere Statue and an Antique Coin in the room.

You will need a lantern to rest of the scales and Marguerite is the one who had a lantern. So, go back to the 1F of the Old House, and look down the hole to see Marguerite scurrying away down an underground passage. Follow her and you will emerge in the Greenhouse in the Yard where you will again encounter Marguerite but a mutated one.

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