Resident Evil 7 VR Is Too Scary For Capcom Europe CEO

According to Capcom Europe CEO, Katsuhiko Ichii, Resident Evil 7 VR is too scary for him and he might play the game on a standard TV.

Resident Evil 7 was kind of a surprise for the fans of the franchise, mostly because of the first person perspective of the game. Regardless, of the perspective Resident Evil 7 seems to going back to the roots of horror survival genre. Looks like Capcom has got the game right this time, and it seems they got it too perfect as the game is to scary for Capcom’s CEO.

Speaking with MCV¬†Capcom’s European CEO, Katsuhiko Ichii, said that he might have to play Resident Evil 7 on a standard TV then VR, as it is too scary for him.

Honestly, I find it a bit too scary. It depends on the person. Some people might play part of it in VR, some might play it entirely in virtual reality, and some might play it entirely on the screen. It’s a choice.

Capcom’s marketing director, Antoine Molant, further added that, the team started working on the game as a non-VR game. He also said that the team is making sure that they are not putting players in any kind of danger.

When creating the game, the entire development team approached it as a normal non-VR game, and put in plenty of frightening jump moments. Having said that, obviously from a testing standpoint, we are making sure we are not putting people in danger for real.

In related news, Resident Evil 7 producer, Masachika Kawata, addressed to the comparisons of the game to the P.T Demo. According to him Resident Evil 7 was already in development when P.T was revealed, and it is just a coincidence that both games look and feel same. Capcom was surprised to see P.T and Kawata jokingly said that his team was relieved to see P.T cancelled.

A playable demo for Resident Evil 7 is available for PS Plus members on PS4, and the game will release for PlayStation 4, PS VR, PC and Xbox One early next year.

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