Resident Evil 7 Speed Run Beats The Game In Less Than Two Hours

A Resident Evil 7 speed run has beaten the 10-hour game in less than two hours, and it may only get shorter as more people run through the game enough.

One of the first Resident Evil 7 speed run attempts has beaten the game in less than two hours, and it’s likely that as more people get used to the game and find shortcuts that the run times will only get faster. The current two-hour apparent record comes from the YouTuber Stirliing.

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Stirliing, a career speedrunner, was able to complete the normally ten-hour story in only a fifth of that time, as Capcom believed that the game would take ten hours or more for players to beat depending on how good they were.

Considering how off-putting and creepy the Baker house is while you’re trapped in it, not to mention how slowly you need to move in a few areas to avoid attracting attention from enemies, the speedrun at first seems very long, even for a “speed” run.

Apparently, Stirliing’s Resident Evil 7 speed run mainly comes from him playing through the game on its New Game Plus mode, which not only allows you to use everything that happens in the game to begin with to get around obstacles, but also gives you a powerful gun, an Albert-01 pistol.

This means that against Jack Baker, who can take a lot of normal handgun rounds to the face before dying, will die fairly quickly against the Albert pistol.

Stirliing’s Resident Evil 7 speed run also has him skipping over reading documents that provide story information, speeding through puzzles, and generally ignoring anything that he doesn’t need to actually finish the game, something that speedrunners often do.

If you want to see Stirliing’s Resident Evil 7 speed run for himself, you can look it up on his Twitch page to watch the entire two-hour video if you’ve got the time. However, if you haven’t played or beaten the game yet, you might want to not watch because of spoilers.

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