Resident Evil 6 PC Crashes, Save Errors, Freezes, FPS Fixes

When Resident Evil 6 was released on consoles, it got bashed by the critics and many fans all over the world for not being a survival horror. Some fans, however, did give a positive response.

Anyhow, Capcom had promised the PC port of the game which just got released. The overall package for the PC users isn’t that bad but there can be some minor issues that can hinder you in enjoying the game to its full potential.

If you are looking for some solution related to different bugs, errors or crashes that you might have come across, the following troubleshooting guide can help you resolve those issues.

#1 Resident Evil 6 PC – Can’t Connect Co-op with a Friend
You need to make sure that your or your friend’s game is not being blocked by firewall or any other security software as the connection problems are usually related to system security. Furthermore, try running the game as administrator.

#2 Resident Evil 6 PC – FPS Drop/Poor Performance
If your machine is good enough to run the game, the first recommendation is that you update your GPU drivers (especially ATI users).

Nvidia users can also try the new beta drivers to improve the performance. The poor performance can also be attributed to conflict between the refresh rate of your screen and that of in-game. Match the settings and you may well be surprised.

#3 Resident Evil 6 PC – Multiple Profiles/Saves Issue
Resident Evil 6 does not allow you to have multiple profiles or saves on the same PC. So, if you want to play some part again, you will have to play the complete chapter. Otherwise, you can back up your save file (in \userdata\[profile]\221040\remote) and start over a new game. Just be sure that you un-check the ‘Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications which support it’ option from Steam before starting a new game or copying back the old save file.

#4 Resident Evil 6 PC – Jake and Sherry Tank Glitch Fix
If you are stuck at the point where Jake is always overrun by the tank (in co-op), you should try to get past that sequence in offline mode alone. Yes, it’s not a fix, but it’s worth of shot before Capcom rolls out a patch.

#5 Resident Evil 6 Starts Downloading From Steam Instead of Installing From the Disc
It’s a general problem and if you are facing it, you should do these simple steps to resolve the issue.

#6 Resident Evil 6 PC Crashes on Startup
You need to do the following to fix the issue:

  • Verify the integrity of game cache.
  • Logout of Steam and then restart your PC if necessary.
  • When you log back in, the problem should be gone.

#7 Resident Evil 6 PC Black Screen on Startup Issue
If verifying the cache doesn’t fix the issue for you, you try to run the game in windowed mode (Alt+Enter). This can make the black screen go away. Furthermore, if you have any extra peripherals connected like the Joypad, unplug it to see if the problem is fixed.

#8 Resident Evil 6 PC Fatal Error – Out of Video Memory
If you are an ATI user, you should immediately update to the latest beta drivers. This should resolve the issue. You can also try turning down graphics settings like Antialiasing to make the error go away. You can also try running the game in the windowed mode.

#9 Resident Evil 6 PC – Long Loading Time Fix
If you try to verify the integrity of game cache, the problem should be fixed. Many users have reported that it downloads a file or two and then the game runs fine.

#10 Resident Evil 6 PC – How to Turn Off in-game Voice Chat
If you are annoyed by the in-game voice chat and use some other software like Skype, you can use the following as workaround:

  • Start your Skype Conversation.
  • Disable your Mic in Windows Sound options but leave the skype conversation on.
  • Start the game, Alt-TAB to windows and re-enable your Microphone in Windows settings.
  • The game will not register the microphone until you restart it.

#11 Resident Evil PC 6 Mouse Cursor Issue Fix
If the mouse is behaving odd, there must be a program running in the background forcing the odd movements. For instance, hidden task bar can create the problem. So, try shutting down the extra utilities and see if the problem goes away.

If you are experiencing something that isn’t listed, comment and we will try to help you out!