Resident Evil 4 All Small Keys Locations Guide

In Resident Evil 4 Small keys are used to unlock some locked drawers in the game. These drawers contain some valuable treasures so opening...

In Resident Evil 4, Small keys unlock some locked drawers. These drawers contain valuable treasures, so opening them is entirely worth it. The eight Small Keys in Resident Evil 4 are scattered around different locations.

These keys can only be obtained during the story and will not be available to collect after the story ends. So, you should better grab them right now. But to grab them, you need to know where to look for them. This is where players struggle a bit in RE4 Remake. But you don’t have to worry, as we will cover the locations of all the Small Keys in RE4.

Where to find small keys for locked drawers in Resident Evil 4

As mentioned before, there are a total of 8 small keys in RE4 remake. Most chapters only have one small key while chapter 2 and chapter 4 have two small keys each.

Make sure you find and collect these small keys as well as open the locked drawers before reaching the point of no return for each region of RE4.

Valley Small Key

In Chapter two, head into the valley side. There is a house on the south side, head inside, and you will find the small key in the box.

Village Chief’s Manor Small key

This small key is also found in Chapter 2. Once you reach the location on the map above, you will enter a room with a sofa. Right next to that sofa is a small table with the Small Key in Resident Evil 4.

Fish Farm Small Key

The Fish Farm key can be found in chapter 3. There is a small shed in the fish market. Inside the shed is a drawer. Open the drawer to get the small key.

Lakeside Settlement Small Key

The lakeside settlement key can be found in Chapter 4. Open the cave entrance door and use the right door to climb the ladder and reach the ground. In front of you will be a cart in RE4 with a small key.

Church Small Key

Go inside the church during Chapter 4 of RE4 by unlocking the door with a church insignia. At the end of the church is a table on the right side. The small key will be on the table.

Bindery Small Key

Unlock the bindery’s secret door in Chapter 8 by using lithographic stones. Go upstairs on the left. On the table, you will find your small key in Resident Evil 4.

Grand Hall Small key

This small key is found in Chapter 9 of RE4. Head upstairs inside the Grand Hall, and on the right side, open the door where two armor knights are inside. Next to the armor is a cupboard. Open the cabinet to get the small key.

Ballroom Small Key

The last small key in Resident Evil 4 can be found in Chapter 12. Go to the end of the Ballroom and use the elevator on the left. You will arrive at the chairlift chamber. There will be a table in that room with a small key.

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