Resident Evil 4 Lithographic Stone (Wall With Four Slots) Puzzle Solution

The lithographic stone puzzle in Resident Evil 4 can be quite confusing if you don't know how to align the symbols on the wall...

Resident Evil 4 offers a lot of unique puzzles. Some of them can be fun and simple while others can be confusing and require a lot of attention to the details. During the 8th chapter of Resident Evil 4, you will come across a puzzle door in Bindery which is locked. This Resident Evil 4 lithographic stone puzzle is a homage to the door puzzle in Silent Hill 1, but way less complex.

Solving Lithographic Stone Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 is a two-step process. Finding all the stones and then placing them in the correct order in the slots on the wall. You need to find the Lithographic stones and place them on the wall in a specific order to complete the wall with four slots puzzle.

Lithographic stone locations

The RE4 puzzle door in the bindery has 4 slots. So, you need to find 4 stone tablets to fit into those slots. Luckily all of the lithographic stone tablets are available in the very same room, bindery.

Lithographic Tablet A has already been inserted in one of the slots on the Puzzle door and can’t be removed. Turn back from the Puzzle door and the Lithographic Stone B will be to the right of Leon, inside a bookshelf.

re4 lithographic stone

Go straight from the last tablet and you will come across a showcase (Southwest of the bindery) housing another stone tablet. Break the glass to pick up Lithographic Stone D.

Turn left from there and the next stone will be lying atop blank stone tablets on a table near the entrance to the bindery. This is the last one, Lithographic Stone C, we need to solve the puzzle on the stone door.

re4 lithographic stone

How to solve the Lithographic stone puzzle in Resident Evil 4

To solve the wall with four slots puzzle in RE4, you need to keep 3 things in mind. Color of the symbol near the slots, icon or symbol shape and finally the box type in which the symbol is housed.

For reference, the top slot has all of these things available. A red shield inside a square box. The slot to the right has only one piece of information available, blue color. Both slots on the left and bottom have two pieces of information. Left one shows a red helmet (no box) and the bottom slot has a blue hexagon box (no symbol).

To solve the Lithographic wall slot puzzle in RE4, start placing the rest of the lithographic tablets in the slots. They will be placed randomly by the game but don’t worry. All of these lithographic stones can be moved (action button) and rotated (shoulder buttons).

Each lithographic stone has a colored symbol inside a box on both sides.

Place Lithographic Stone D into the upper slot. Rotate it once to match the symbol.

Place Lithographic Stone A into the left slot. Turn it around to match the symbol.

Place Lithographic Stone B into the bottom slot. This one also needs to be flipped to match the symbol.

And the final one, Lithographic Stone C, should be placed into the right slot. No need to flip this one as it already matches the corresponding symbol. The final solution of the lithographic wall puzzle should look like this

re4 lithographic stone puzzle solution

This will solve the RE4 Lithographic stone puzzle and the door will be unlocked allowing you to move to the next area.

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