Resident Evil 4 Grandfather Clock Puzzle Solution

Out of many other puzzles in the game the Grandfather Clock puzzle in Resident Evil 4 is intriguing and challenging one ...

The Resident Evil series is full of different puzzles and enemies that will test your strength and your mind. The Resident Evil 4 Grandfather Clock puzzle is one of the most intriguing and challenging among these puzzles. In this puzzle, you have to save the captive Leon S. Kennedy playing as Ashley.

RE4 provides no direct clue about where you should head or what to do with the pendulum clocks. Do not worry; we have done the in-game scouting for you and prepared this guide to let you know the exact location and method to solve Grandfather Clock Puzzle.

How to solve the Resident Evil 4 Grandfather Clock Puzzle

While playing through RE4’s Chapter 9, Leon gets trapped by the enemies near the library, leaving Ashley alone. You must then play as Ashley and strive to save your partner.

As you run from the trap spot, some enemies will follow you. After escaping from them, you walk into the library in Resident Evil 4. Pick up the lantern and walk up the stairs.

In the starting part of the library, you will find the first clock to interact. Setting the right time will let you open it and move ahead. Proceed further in the library, and you will reach a table with a page (Hastily Written Note) placed on it for you to pick up.

Enter the door leading downstairs from the library, and you will reach a room with a table in the left corner. You will encounter the second clock on the right side of the table. This is also a secret room, which will open only if you set the right time on the clock. Entering the correct time will solve the Resident Evil 4 Grandfather Clock puzzle.

Correct time to set on Clocks

The time to set for both clocks varies depending on which difficulty you are playing the RE4.

  • For Assisted/ Standard difficulty, set the time to 11:04.
  • For Professional difficulty, the right time is 7:00.

From there, the quest to save Leon continues.

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