Resident Evil 4 El Gigante Boss Guide

El Gigante is one of the returning bosses in the Resident Evil 4 Remake whom you will encounter multiple times in the gameplay...

Resident Evil 4 remake sees several returning bosses from the previous version and a few new bosses. But that doesn’t mean defeating them, even if you have fought them before, will be easy. Resident Evil 4 El Gigante is one of the bosses you will face multiple times throughout the game.

This guide will list the appearances of El Gigante as a boss in the game and how to defeat it each time in Resident Evil 4.

El Gigante encounters in RE4

Now, there are three distinct encounters with El Gigante in Resident Evil 4.


The first time you fight El Gigante is in the Quarry after you have completed the Mural Cave Puzzle and opened the cave shrines. The boss comes at you in a giant open space, and you must defeat it.

Castle Battlement

You fight this El Gigante after you have completed the Lithograph puzzle and climb the Castle Battlement towers. The El Gigante you face is armored, and you do not fight it directly.

Keep getting away from the boss, and you will find a canon on the castle wall. You get to shoot the Armored El Gigante from this canon to kill him, so avoid wasting your bullets on the boss in Resident Evil 4.

Castle Mine

You and Luis meet with two El Gigante in the castle mines: normal and armored. Fighting them follows the same rules. The normal El Gigante should be defeated first, as you can shoot it and force the parasite out of it.

In this fight, you get a mechanism in the arena to throw the EL Gigante into the lava pit below the hall. Of course, you cannot drop these El Gigante into the lava when they are walking around.

You need to keep shooting the normal El Gigante and force the parasite out of it. Then, hit the parasite to stun it on the ground. Once stunned, you can use the mechanism to drop the El Gigante into the lava pit and kill it off.

For the Armored El Gigante, Luis runs off after you have killed the normal El Gigante, and you, as Leon, have to distract the Armored El Gigante. Soon, Luis returns with dynamites, and you need to lure the Armored El Gigante near Luis so he can blast the giant with his dynamites.

Doing so forces the parasite out of the armored giant, and you can shoot it to stun it. When shaken, again activate the mechanism to throw the Armored El Gigante to its fiery death. Alternatively, you can kill the El Gigante Duo with your weapons to get the “No Hot Bath For You” trophy. It will be more challenging but not impossible.

El Gigante’s attacks

This boss is a hulking brute and doesn’t come with any over-the-top attacks, but we still felt they needed to be explained at least once.

El Gigante’s primary attacks throughout the fight include basic slams and punches. El Gigante will lunge toward you and try to crush you under its slam in Resident Evil 4. Similarly, he will either try to hit two or four punches at you.

All these are given away with El Gigante roaring and holding his hands over his head. You can either run away to avoid them or even go through El Gigante’s legs behind him to escape.

If you maintain your distance from El Gigante, he will try throwing something at you. In the start, El Gigante will throw the sheds in the area towards you in RE4. Once all the sheds have been thrown, El Gigante will pull a boulder from the ground and throw it at you, trying to squash you. You need to dodge this quickly to prevent getting hit.

Lastly, El Gigante will use a grab attack. Here, El Gigante again lunges forward and grabs you. This attack, if not dodged, allows you to input the quick time prompts and stab El Gigante’s hands to get away.

How to defeat El Gigante in Resident Evil 4

The first time you fight El Gigante is in the Quarry after you have completed the Mural Cave Puzzle. The boss comes at you in a giant open space, and you must defeat it.

At first sight, El Gigante has no obvious weaknesses, and your shooting makes no difference. Well, keep on shooting El Gigante and keep dealing damage. As with all RE4 enemies, El Gigante also takes additional damage when you hit its face.

After dealing substantial damage, the El Gigante starts wriggling in pain, and you see a parasite come out of the monster’s back. This is the main weak point of El Gigante. You need to focus shooting on the parasite on El Gigante’s back once it emerges to deal damage.

After you have dealt sufficient damage to El Gigante’s parasite, the boss will kneel forward. Here, you get the prompt to jump on its back and melee the parasite on its back. You can keep shooting, but you deal more damage using melee attacks and save up on some ammo, so we recommend using this prompt.

The parasite again regresses into El Gigante’s body when he gets up, and you might have to force the parasite out twice or thrice, depending on how much damage you are dealing with. After following the same steps, the parasite will die, and El Gigante will fall dead in Resident Evil 4. 

If you had rescued the dog after leaving Village Chief’s house, the dog decided to repay the favor in this fight. During the war, the dog appears and starts distracting El Gigante, allowing you to attack El Gigante without the fear of getting hit. El Gigante will be wholly distracted until the parasite emerges from its back. After the parasite returns, the dog can’t distract El Gigante.

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