How To Solve Dining Room Puzzle In Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4 dining room puzzle require you to sit on specific chairs and ring the bell to get a reward that will help you solve...

Resident Evil 4 is back with a fresh coat of paint and many changes to familiar places and puzzles. During Chapter 9, Leon and Ashley come across a headless Chimera statue, where you must find three different animal heads. One of them is a Serpent head that you can get after solving the RE4 dining hall table puzzle. This Resident Evil 4 dining room puzzle plays very differently from the original game, and we don’t blame you if this one is giving you a headache.

Where to find the Dining Hall in Resident Evil 4

Dining Hall entrance map RE4

Finding the Dining room in RE4 is not a tough job at all. Head to the location on the map above, and you will find the entrance next to Statue in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 Dining Room table puzzle solution

Dining Hall has two tables placed alongside each other. Each table has four chairs with plates served in front of them. You must make Ashley and Leon sit on proper chairs and ring the bells to solve this Dining Hall puzzle in Resident Evil 4.

Portraits of Lord and Lady of castle in Resident Evil 4

Dining Hall contains two portraits at the back. One depicts Lord of the Castle, and the other shows a Lady. Both are seated at particular positions on tables, with specific cutlery and food present in front of them.

The Lord has a plate with a napkin in the front, three knives to the right, two forks and a spoon to the left, an empty glass with a wine bottle on the top right, and bread on a plate to the top left.

The Lady has a plate with a napkin in the front, two knives with an empty glass to the right, and a fork with a spoon to the left. She has no food or wine available.

The details in the portraits match with two seats in the Dining Hall. So here is the solution that you need to follow to solve the dining hall puzzle.

Ashley Seat in RE4

Ask Ashley to sit on the upper right corner seat of the South table (table near the entrance to the room).

Neon Seat in Resident Evil 4

Make Leon sit on the upper left corner seat of the North table (table near the portraits).

Ring the bell with Leon, and Ashley will follow.

When you ring the bell, the cage housing the Serpent head will open. You can collect the Serpent Head from the cage, and this will solve the Dining Room puzzle in RE4 remake.

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