Resident Evil 4 Best Attache Cases And Which To Upgrade First

Attache cases are an inventory management system that stores and organizes various items the player collects during Resident Evil 4...

Attache cases are an inventory management system that stores and organizes various items the player collects during Resident Evil 4. The Resident Evil 4 attache cases are rectangular boxes that can be upgraded to hold more items by purchasing upgrades from a merchant in the game.

Initially, there is limited space for items, but by purchasing upgrades, you can increase the number of slots or cells. You can also use the auto-batch selection, which automatically arranges the items in the attache case to use space efficiently.

All five Attache Cases in RE4 have their capacities and benefits, but we have prepared this guide to tell you about the best ones in the game which you should upgrade first.

Resident Evil 4 Best attache cases

Aside from the Silver attache case, which is the best attache case, there are four other types of cases, and we will discuss them below.

Black Attache Case

The 2nd attache case accessible in Resident Evil 4 Remake, which is useful in most of the gameplay areas, is the Black Attache Case. If you want to increase the drop rate of available Resources, this case is your prime choice.

You will need these resources to craft several valuable items and ammo types in the game, which makes the Black Attache Case an essential piece of equipment to grab.

Merchant Price: 8 Spinels

Available from: Chapter 4

Leather Attache Case

While trying to survive until the end of the game, you will undoubtedly face a significant healing loss. In such cases, Red Herbs and Green Herbs can be pretty handy for restoring your health.

The Leather Attache Case can help collect more of these Red Herbs, eventually boosting the chances of survival in Resident Evil 4.

Merchant Price: 12 Spinels

Available from: Chapter 8

Gold Attache Case

Imagine spending extra money on upgrades, ammo, and healings. Imagine you do not have to wait for a long gameplay time to gather items to sell them to get a weapon you dearly want to access. You can do all this using the Gold Attache Case. This attache case enhances the drop rate of Pesetas received in the RE4.

However, there is some bad news; the Gold Attache Case is an exclusive item, available only for the Pre-order version of the game. If you have purchased the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition, you will get this case as a bonus, along with its perks.

Classic Attache Case

The Classic attache case helps gather more gunpowder, a beneficial crafting material in Resident Evil 4. Every ammo type, including grenades, needs gunpowder for its upgradation.

Similar to the Gold Attache Case, this one is exclusive to the Deluxe/ Collector’s Edition. However, it can be expected that Capcom will make this case a DLC item eventually, as it did for some items in the remakes of the previous game remakes.

Which Attache Case to upgrade first

The Silver Attache Case is the first case you will get at the start of the game. It is the default attache case option and is accessible from Chapter 1. This case is extremely useful in the starting chapter of the game for collecting ammo.

Moreover, upgrading the Red9 Handgun, probably one of the most important weapons to date will also require a Silver Attache Case.

Merchant Price: None

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