Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Codes, Locker Combinations and Passwords

This guide contains all the combinations and safe codes to access loot and hidden secret areas in Resident Evil 3 Remake with ease

One of the best parts about Resident Evil games is finding hidden secrets and Resident Evil 3 Remake is no different. Throughout RE3 Remake, you will encounter locks and safes that hide cool stuff. In this guide, we will provide you with all the Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Codes, Locker Combinations and Passwords.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Codes, Locker Combinations and Passwords

Resident Evil 3 isn’t all about shooting bullets in zombies’ heads to bring them down! There is so much more to worry about and you have to take into account, the most trivial details in order to really enjoy the game.

You do need some valuable loot to keep going through the zombie hordes and some necessary skills like picking locks to never stop you from exploring newer possibilities.

This guide is all about how you can open the safes and pick locks. Safe are considered secrets in Resident Evil 3 and provide you with much-needed loot. During the course of the single-player mode you will come across a number of safes to open and for them, you will need the combinations.

The general tip is to look around for indicators that may lead you to the password! For instance, the combination to the drugstore safe in Downtown area is on the Aqua Cure poster located near the Nearby Redstone Pharmacy. Let us now talk about individual safes and the locker codes

Downtown Safe
As discussed earlier, you can find the combination to this safe in Resident Evil 3 on the Aqua Cure poster. The combination is 9 to left, 3 to right and then 7 to the left. As the safe opens you will be rewarded with a red dot sight for your handgun

West Office 1F Safe
You will find the combination to this safe right after opening the Downtown one on the Internal Memo lying on the table behind you!

The combination is 9 to left, 15 to right and then stop at 7. You will have to deal with a zombie policeman before opening the safe. When you open it you will be rewarded with the Hip Pouch.

Locker Room Locker Code
You will find the code to opening the locker on the whiteboard! The code is CAP. Reach the locker room and put this code on the right locker to get a Flash Grenade

3F Locker Code
Access the Safety Deposit room using the key and continue forward till you reach a board with a picture pinned to it. This picture contains the code to the other locker on 3F. The code is DCM. Enter the code to get some Assault rifle ammo.

Nurse’s Station Safe
You can open this safe by turning the knob clockwise 9 times and then counterclockwise 3 times. This combination can be found in the memo in the operation room! When you open the safe you will get Dual Magazine for your assault rifle in RE3 Remake.

Picking Locks
As you will progress through the game you will come across containers having padlocks on them. But you can do much initially as you need a lock pick kit for them.

When you find such containers just mark them on your map so that you can open them later when you have the kit. In order to find the kit Complete the “Restore the Power Supply” objective in Subway Power Substation Area.

In this area, you will find a corpse in the left corner! This corpse is holding a box that contains a lock pick. Once you have the lock pick you can use it to open any padlock you come across as you play the game.

  • You will find the first one at the end of the control room in the Redstone Street Station. You will be given handgun ammo here
  • The second one is in the main entrance of the Substation, on a locker in front of you. You will get first aid spray from this locker.
  • In the Subway station you will find a case with yellow padlock. Use the lock pick to open it and get the shotgun shells
  • In the Donut shop you will find a locker next to the safe room. Open the padlock on this locker to get the hand grenade inside.
  • In the Kite Bros Subway Office, find a locked case toward the right of control panel, pick to lock and get the shotgun shells
  • Open the padlock on the locker situated on the left corner of Subway office too
  • In the Sewer lab, go the back of the room, open the padlock on the locker to get Explosive A which you will need to craft grenade launcher Ammo
  • On the Second floor of the house behind the gun shop, go the room on your right after going up the stairs to open the padlock on a case here. You will explosive rounds inside here.
  • When you are on the first floor of the hospital, go straight from the reception till you reach the courtyard. Go left and around the corner to find the case protecting MAG ammo with a padlock, open it.
  • There is a locker in the emergency room off the hospital. Pick the lock on it to get some handgun ammo
  • The next locker is in the staff room. When you enter the room, look at the left corner to spot the locker. Pick the yellow padlock on it to get the Shotgun Ammo inside.
  • The last locker with a padlock on it is located at the end of the linen room in the hospital. Locate this locker between the shelves, open it and get the MAG ammo