Resident Evil 3 Remake Power Substation Puzzle Solution

The power substation puzzle appears soon after reaching the Subway Power Station. In this guide, we will show you how to reset the breakers and help with the Resident Evil 3 Remake Power Substation Puzzle Solution.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Power Substation Puzzle Solution

As soon as Jill reaches the control panel, she finds out that before she can activate the subway, she needs to reset four breakers before the subway can be powered up.

Pathway to Breakers
A door on the left will lead you to the area where you can reset the breakers, however, before you can access it, you need to turn hard left and get the lockpick from the corpse at the end of the lobby.

With the lockpick, head back and unlock the door. As you enter, follow the following path:

  • To get to the first breaker, turn to the first left corridor and take another left at the end to the 1st
  • From here, head straight and turn right into the 2nd corridor on the right. This will lead you to the 2nd breaker of the area.
  • Once you are done, head back to from where you came in, and turn left to head to the very end of the first corridor. Follow it along the linear path and it will take you straight to the 3rd
  • From the 3rd breaker, as you head back, spot the door to the right and take it. Head up the stairs and across the platform, and head down on the other side. Follow the path, take two rights and you’ll find yourself in front of the 4th and last breaker of the area.

As soon as you are done with the last breaker, head straight. The mucous wall in front will be broken down, allowing you to return to the area where you activated the first two breakers.

Just head straight and take the last left, back to the exit. Head back into the control room and you are done with the puzzle.

The only enemies you are going to face here are some spiders. The first of these you encounter will sneak attack you and as it’s though a cutscene, you cannot avoid it. These spiders, if they grab on to you, will infect you with a parasite that will continuously damage you.

These spiders are also very mobile, making them a hard target. They will try to ambush you, so as soon as you turn on a breaker, immediately turn 180 degrees to shoot any spiders trying to get to you.

We recommend you come in loaded with green herbs. You get two at the start of the area, with a letter saying that they are “Natural Bug Repellents”.

These herbs will both heal you and get rid of the parasites. Two more of these herbs can be found inside the area at different points in between the 2nd and 3rd breakers.

The most efficient weapon to deal with them is a shotgun. Due to the widespread area and the damage, the shotgun will take out the spiders in one hit and has a higher chance of hitting them if the spider moves aside. It is recommended to bring a shotgun instead of a pistol to make your life easier in this area.

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