Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis Boss Tips

In this guide, we will take a look at all the fights with the Nemesis boss in RE3 Remake. There...

In this guide, we will take a look at all the fights with the Nemesis boss in RE3 Remake. There are four forms of this boss that you will have to fight in different places throughout the game. To help with all those forms, we prepared these Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis Boss Tips.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis Boss Tips

These places where you fight Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 include the Demolition Site, The Clock Tower, NEST 2 – Umbrella Corporation’s secret laboratory and The Acid Pit. This boss follows you around almost for the whole game.  Let’s get into each fight one by one.

Nemesis Stage 1 – Demolition Site
This fight is going to take place at the roof of the Demolition Site. You will have to take down Stage 1 of Nemesis. We will try to keep it as short as possible without losing any details.

You will have to save your game before you start your fight with the nemesis. You can do this after you jump on to the roof from the scaffolding.

You must have one healing item and sufficient ammo to get you through this fight. However, there are supplies available during the fight, but you will have to be careful while trying to gather them.

In order to save Jill from Nemesis’ flame thrower you have to use the obstacles present on the roof otherwise you will be burned to a crisp. Always keep in mind that you have to maintain some distance from Nemesis.

Nemesis has a fuel tank on its back that will be his weak point and your ticket to winning this battle. You can take a shot at the fuel tank when he is attempting to refuel the tank other than that you must always remain hidden.

Another way to take out Nemesis is by shooting at the generators around him. Be sure to put some gap between you and the generators otherwise the danger befalls you as well. The green light on the generator indicates that the generator is charged up again.

Once you have successfully lit his fuel tank on fire, the next part of the fight starts. Here you have to focus on dodging the live bbq that Nemesis is and use a shotgun to keep damaging him. Once you have done enough damage, a cut scene will start marking the end of this fight.

Nemesis Stage 2 – Clock Tower Plaza
Now we will move on the second encounter with Nemesis. The venue of this encounter is Clock Tower Plaza and your fight will be with the second stage of Nemesis which is now a four-legged creature. He will take you by surprise when you climb up the bridge near the clock tower. He will jump out of the water to surprise and take a hit at Jill.

For this fight be sure you are packing a shotgun and your grenade launcher because they will come in handy along with some mine rounds that will help you out, a lot.

Just keep dodging his attacks and light him up with your flame and explosive grenades and damage him with your shotgun. Be careful of his short charge and ground slam as those can do a lot of damage.

When Nemesis starts moving around vigorously, use mines and plant them according to his movement patterns. Take as many headshots as you can.

When he runs up the clocktower, this would be your chance to get supplies from around the map. This is the whole strategy for taking down stage 2 of Nemesis in RE3 Remake.

Nemesis Stage 2 – NEST 2
This third Nemesis fight in Resident Evil 3 Remake goes down at NEST 2 – Umbrella Corporation’s secret laboratory. This time you won’t only be fighting the second stage of Nemesis but will also be dealing with Zombies along with him. This fight will also be with the second stage of Nemesis inside a huge round tank.

There is a large hall in NEST 2 and going up the stairs there triggers the fight.

There is a Workers’ Break Room near that has an items chest where you can refill your ammo stocks.

In this fight, your grenade launcher will again come in handy as it is the same stage of Nemesis as the previous fight. If you keep throwing grenades at him, it will stop him in his tracks from moving towards Jill.

Be careful of the melee attacks of Nemesis by keeping your distance and keep shooting him to stop him from coming towards you. His attacks will be the same as the previous fight.

When you have done enough damage, it will trigger the second part of the fight where you will receive help from Carlos in finding Nemesis.

When Nemesis takes a leap towards the end of arena, it would be your chance to deal with the zombies and gather supplies. Zombies would cause you trouble in this fight, so the solution of this problem is to not kill them, just knock them out using your shotgun or use your grenades to hit multiple enemies at once.

Carlos will mention the tank number that Nemesis is hiding behind. Shoot at the red buttons of that generator and it will electrocute him. Don’t miss or you can get attacked.

If you are successful in electrocuting him, you will stun him. This is your chance to do as much damage as possible. After this you will see more variation in the attacks of the boss such as the moving tentacle attack. Use the same strategy as before and you shall be victorious.

Nemesis Stage 3 – Railgun Fight
This will be your final fight with Nemesis in RE3 Remake. You will be fighting against the third stage of Nemesis in the final big hall of NEST 2.

This fight will be a bit different than the previous ones as he will not be moving around a lot, but it has evolved into this big stationary mess that uses his tentacles to attack you.

You must save your progress before starting this fight and fill your ammo up. There would be a big rail gun present near you, the fight will start when you pick it up.

When you shoot him, it will cause a lot of damage. Reloading this is a lot of hustle so don’t do it for now or you can get hurt. There will be cysts appearing on Nemesis, shoot them using any gun and be careful of his tentacles when you do.

He has a lot of attacks, the major ones are the swing, slam and double attack. His acid spray is also very harmful, so get as far as you can to avoid these attacks.

There is a red energy source present there and interact with it after you have destroyed the cysts and it will change its color to blue.

You will have to activate the energy sources before Nemesis is active again and when you do, take the railgun into action again. When you fire the railgun three times in Resident Evil 3 Remake, it will kill Nemesis, and you will be done with it once and for all.

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