Resident Evil 2 Witcher Mod Exchanges Claire For Ciri, Knife For Sword

A new Resident Evil 2 Witcher mod exchanges Claire for Ciri and the knife for a sword in an in-progress mod to the game before RE3 releases.

Modding is one of the best parts of PC gaming, allowing you to create any number of weird scenarios. Recently, a new Resident Evil 2 Witcher mod allows you to replace Claire Redfield with Ciri, complete with having her use her sword instead of her knife. However, it’s still in the early stages.

Since Witchers are normally expected to hunt down undead as part of their job, one can’t think of any better place for one to go than Raccoon City in the throes of its zombie outbreak. By downloading the Resident Evil 2 Witcher mod, you can play as Ciri instead of Claire Redfield, going along the same story route.

While we don’t know what else the mod will have in it because of it being so early in its development, the few screenshots we’ve seen of it look fairly polished, of course these are just the interchanged models rather than anything else about it.

One other thing we know about it is that with the mod, players will be able to use Ciri’s sword Zireael for greater immersion. Since it’s a silver sword, hopefully it will be more effective against the zombies, though exactly how much, we don’t know yet.

Even the modeling isn’t perfect. Facial animations haven’t been added in yet, and there’s also a small glitch that has to do with using the knife, so those will likely be some of the improvements that have to be made before the mod actually works.

Resident Evil 3 is supposed to be coming out in a few months on April 3, so even if this Resident Evil 2 Witcher mod gets done in time there might not be very much time for people to play through it. But, if you’re willing to play through Claire’s route at least one time just to get the experience, you might be able to make the route even crazier through various other mods.

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