Resident Evil 2 is Like a New Game in the Series Rather Than a Remake

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is coming out next year and Capcom does not want the fans to take it just like an enhanced version of the game they might have already played. The producers of the Resident Evil revealed this element of the game following the recently concluded TGS 2018. Although it is a remake of a prior title the game in itself is tailor-made to feel like a new entry in the Resident Evil franchise.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda discussed the matter with IGN that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake will be a whole new gaming experience for players. Capcom has actually worked on features like improving the visual quality of the game to validate this statement. This upgrade goes to an extent which makes the graphical movements and reactions of zombies in Resident Evil 2 remake more realistic than ever before in the series.

A sense of originality has indeed been added by Capcom in Resident Evil 2 as Tsuyoshi suggested:

“Raccoon City will have the same atmosphere, but details like when and where characters meet each other for the first time have been altered.”

Meanwhile, Capcom has stayed true to the essence of the series as well. The producers of the game wanted to assure the fans by saying:

“The game is all about the Capcom and Resident Evil DNA – that’s what most important for us”

Therefore, by “keeping things Resident Evil” as the producers suggested it is safe to say Resident Evil 2 remake will be a fresh gaming experience while being relevant to the series.

Furthermore, Yoshiaki acknowledged the fact that credit for all the graphical excellence in the game is due to Capcom’s RE Engine. The RE Engine has also been used previously for the development of Resident Evil 7. Kanda told:

“RE Engine is a great engine for trial and error, so our experience with previous titles using the same engine has greatly enhanced the new Resident Evil 2.”

Moreover, Resident Evil 7 has also been a key contributor towards making Resident Evil 2 ready for its 2019 release as the producer mentioned how the feedback for Resident Evil 7 has come in handy to better develop the gameplay for the remake.

Capcom has shown real promise forResident Evil 2 and they themselves have high expectations from the remake. It has even encouraged them to go ahead with similar projects and develop more remakes of their prior games.

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