Resident Evil 2 Remake Recipes Guide – Healing Items, Ammo, Combinations

Our Resident Evil 2 Remake Recipes Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about the Herb Recipes you can use in RE2 Remake.

Inventory management is a big deal in Resident Evil 2. Sometimes, you are not able to make space for new items during your playthrough. In that case, it is likely that you are carrying extra stuff that you may able to combine with other stuff to get you more powerful stuff and in the process make way for new items in your inventory. Our Resident Evil 2 Remake Recipes Guide will help you learn about different combinations that you can make.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Recipes

You are able to combine different variations of herbs to get an herb with new properties as well as create ammo from gunpowder. We have explained the uses of each type of item and what can be combined with it and what are the uses of the product of the combination.

1. Green Herb
Green Herbs are sufficiently available in Raccoon City; they are used to heal your character. You are able to combine 2 Green Herbs and even 3 Green Herbs for a more powerful healing effect.

2. Blue Herb
Blue Herbs are used to cure poison. They are relatively difficult to find, but if you are careful, you may not even need them. Blue Herb can be combined with a Green Herb or 2. The product of their combination will cure poison as well as heal you.

3. Red Herb
Red Herb on its own doesn’t do anything but combined with Green Herb, it may be the very best item to heal with.

4. Herb Cocktail
Besides all the above combinations, you may also combine all three of the herbs to get a new product that cures poison and greatly heals the player.

How to Craft Ammo

You may find a lot of gunpowder lying around the Raccoon City; it can be used to make ammo, so if you forgot to pick it, go back for it, as it may be one of the most important items there is.

Gunpowder comes in two qualities i.e. the Standard Gunpowder and the High-Grade Gunpowder. Typically, the High-Grade Gunpowder, as you can tell by its name is much better than the standard, but the standard also has its uses.

2 Gunpowder can be combined to produce Handgun Ammo while 2 High-Grade Gunpowder can be combined to produce MAG Ammo and if you combine 1 each you can make Shotgun Ammo.

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