Report: PC Users Shifting to PlayStation 4, Germany Becomes Sony’s Largest Market

Germany is now Sony biggest market, according to a new report. PC users are reportedly switching to PlayStation 4.

According to a new report, thanks to PlayStation 4 Germany is now Sony’s biggest console market. The company is aiming to surpass the success of PlayStation 2, and hopes that PS4 will continue to break sales records across the globe.

Selling over 30 million units worldwide, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the best selling console in most regions; be it U.S Europe or Middle East, PlayStation 4 is dominating.

Which is surprising because so far first party support has been lackluster. One can just imagine where will PS4 be when games like Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, God of War 4 and more hit the shelves.

This year’s Black Friday was the most successful in Sony’s history, said Andrew House, president and global chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Andrew added: “We are now trying to benchmark against the success of the PlayStation 2 – or exceed it if possible.” How exactly did Germany now Sony’s biggest market? You’ll be surprised to hear that PC users are switching to PlayStation 4, as per the report.

We aren’t sure where the author got his stats from, but a reputed publication (Financial Times) ran the story. Still, lack of source in the report puts a question mark on this claim.

Just two years ago, Bitkom shared a report claiming that 76% of gamers use PC in Germany so if that percentage is declining, you have to ask why?

It could have something to do with developers not optimizing games properly for PC gamers, I mean just look at Batman Arkham Knight. This is one example, but most games that aren’t PC exclusive suffer severely.

Keeping this into consideration, no one can blame PC gamers for switching to PlayStation 4.

Source: AFR

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