Remnant: From the Ashes Iron Farming Guide – Weapon Upgrades, Farming Locations

As you start a new game of Remnant: From the Ashes, you will need certain types of Iron to upgrade your weapons to some certain levels. While Iron can be found anywhere in the game, there are no obvious locations or ways to find a certain type of Irons, but there are some places where you will find it more often. This Remnant: From the Ashes Iron guide will help you in reaching those locations and maximizing your Iron farming potential and upgrading weapons.

Remnant: From the Ashes Iron Farming

Most of the game is very procedurally generated and that’s why you may get a different part of the game at a different stage as every part is randomized.

You can find most of the Iron in Rhom. As you go to the labyrinth you will see only a single accessible portal, by using this portal you will get to the 2nd biome of the game called Rhom.

Keep in mind though, that the drop of Iron depends on your level of weapon. Following is the list of weapon class and dropped Iron type:

  • Iron – Equipment Level 0-5
  • Forged Iron – Equipment Level 5-10
  • Galvanized Iron – Equipment Level 10-15
  • Hardened Iron – Equipment Level 15-20

Mostly the location in the game doesn’t matter as you can find any type of Iron even at the starting place of the game, earth. It only depends on the level of your weapon.

When you have upgraded to a certain level you will be able to find its corresponding Iron immediately. So just keep updating your weapons to get more Iron.

How to Upgrade
You can upgrade your weapons multiple times. Crafted Weapons (from bosses) can be upgraded to +10 and Base Weapons can be upgraded to +20.

To upgrade your weapons, first, you need to find the vendor in Ward 13. Look at your Ward 13 map and head towards the south-side and you’ll run into him.

In order to make any upgrades to your items, you will need Scrap and Iron. To find out how much of that you need, refer to the bottom right side of the upgrade menu. The necessary items will be seen adjacent to the damage stats.

Once you have enough of the Scrap and/or Iron required, you can go to the vendor and make your desired upgrade.

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