Remnant: From the Ashes Classes Guide – Archetypes, Strengths, Traits

Deciding which of the 3 Remnant: From the Ashes Classes you start your journey with is important, as you’ll be fighting for your survival against hordes of monstrous enemies in a post-apocalyptic world. The different classes in the game are Hunter, Ex-Cultist, and Scrapper archetype.

Remnant: From the Ashes Classes

This Remnant Classes Guide will focus on all 3 with their descriptions, helpful tips, and notes about what kind of weapons you can use with each archetype.

Hunter Archetype

You can’t do much better in ranged comic than with the Hunter long-range DPS class. This class comes equipped with the best starter gear for maximum long-range damage so you can do a lot of hurt to your enemies without getting near them.

You also do more weakspot damage as an armor bonus and the Shadow Walker trait allows you to lessen your foes’ aggro range.


  • Huntıng Rıfle,
  • Repeater Pıstol
  • Scrap Sword

Hunter’s Mark – Weapon Mod
100% Increased Critical Hit Chance against enemies within a 40-meter radius.


  • Hunter Shroud
  • Hunter Trenchcoat
  • Hunter Pants

Ex-Cultist Archetype

If you prefer a more balanced approach in which you utilize both long-range and short-range combat, then the Ex-Cultist is for you. It is a starting archetype that is considered as a support class.

The starting loadout provides you with the Mender’s Aura weapon mod that creates a healing pool regenerate 12.5 health per second for 10 seconds. The armor bonus allows mod power to replenish quicker upon Critical Hits.


  • Coach Gun
  • Repeater Pıstol
  • Scrap Hatchet


  • Cultist Hat
  • Cultist Duster
  • Cultist Britches

Scrapper Archetype

This archetype is a starting Tank class that’s optimum for close combat. The starting gear given to you in the Scrapper Archetype ensures that you do as much as damage as possible when taking on foes head-on.

This includes heavy weapons such as the Shotgun and the Scrap Hammer. The Hot Shot Weapon Mod increases the amount of damage you deal by 20% since the ammo has now been imbued with fire.

Thus you can also set targets ablaze to do 100 damage for 10 seconds. Even without weapons, you’re a force to be reckoned with since the Warrior trait increases your Melee damage.


  • Shotgun
  • Repeater Pıstol
  • Scrap Hammer


  • Scrapper Helmet
  • Scrapper Bodyplate
  • Scrapper Workboots

Which Class to Choose?

Overall each class has its benefit. Ex-Cultist is more balanced, Scrapper is great for short-range action and Hunter is great for all you stealthy Snipers out there.

Eventually into the game, you’ll be able to create your build through the purchases and upgrading of different gear along with raising your stats. You can tailor the gameplay experience to suit your desired style of play.