Remnant 2 Interview With David Adams, Gunfire Games President

In an interview with David Adams about Remnant 2, we talked about Crossplay, Local Co-op, Future prospects and more.

There is no denying that Remnant 2 is a massive success. The game has already sold more than 1 Million units and even after a few weeks of its release and the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 as well, Remnant 2 still seems to be doing great. Developer Gunfire Games has been hard at work to fix any issues related to the game based on fan feedback and they are planning to support this game for a very long time. In an Interview with SegmentNext, President of Gunfire Games, David Adams, while discussing the support for Remnant 2 said:

We have a ton of post-launch plans. We already have the 3 DLC that was discussed with the Ultimate edition of the game, but we have plans to support the game well beyond launch in many different ways.

Adams revealed that while they had plans for Remnant 2 before, the success of Remnant From The Ashes “solidified” those plans and it seems like they were quite confident for Remnant 2 right from the start.

We started the development of Remnant 2 after we wrapped up the development of the Remnant 1 DLC. We had always tentatively planned a Remnant 2, but the success of Remnant 1 definitely solidified that.

When we asked about local/split-screen co-op in Remnant 2, David shared that it was more of resource management as local co-op would have raised some technical challenges. I wonder if Gunfire Games had more resources, would there be a local co-op for Remnant 2?

For us it was more a matter of development resources. We wanted to focus on the main game. There are some technical challenges with split screen co-op especially in a high action game where people expect the game to perform at 60fps+

Co-op aside, the community has been requesting Gunfire Games for Remnant 2 Crossplay feature. Many of us were expecting it to be available at launch but that’s not the case. However, the good news is that David Adams has confirmed to us that they are working on the crossplay feature for Remnant 2. For crossplay, there are more wrinkles with the “platform owners” (Sony and Microsoft) than technical so we should keep our hopes for this:

Crossplay is something we are interested in and working on. There are some hurdles we have to overcome with some of the platform holders, but we are working on it.

David also shared that they are listening to fan feedback and evaluating it. They have already made some changes through patches and they will continue to evaluate further with time. Also, the team at Gunfire Games doesn’t have any issues with Mods so you are free to use any. It’s interesting that they aren’t calling Remnant 2 a live-service game.

We’ve got a ton of feedback, from people not having enough scrap, the trait point cap, how the game scales content, etc… etc… etc.. I can’t say for sure what we will or will not change over time, but we’ve already rolled out some changes in our initial patches and we will continue to evaluate and make changes to the game as time goes on.

One of the beauties of Remnant 2 is that it isn’t a live service game. We don’t charge for season passes, we don’t have micro-transactions. It’s just a pure game. People are free to mod the game, tweak the game – do whatever they want. Some of the biggest complaints people have already made mods for (like the trait cap). We don’t have an issue with any of this.

It’s good to see that developers are giving players the freedom the way they want to play the game. While they will be updating and supporting the game for a long while, if players want s a specific feature and it’s available via Mods, they are free to use those mods. It will be interesting to see what new content Gunfire Games has planned for Remnant 2.

And if you are wondering whether Gunfire Games have any plans to bring Remnant 2 to Nintendo Switch, David shared with us that for the time being, there are no plans for a Nintendo Switch release. Will it change in the future, especially with more powerful Nintendo hardware? Well, who knows! But for now, they are focusing on the current platforms on which the game has been released.

As for Remnant 3, while it’s too early to discuss, David of course, wasn’t able to comment on it but considering the success of Remnant 2, a new game in the series might be on the cards already.

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