How To Solve The Endaira’s End Music Tower Puzzle In Remnant 2

While exploring Yaesha, you are going to come across a majestic Wind Tower in Endaira’s End that has music puzzles to solve in Remnant 2.

While exploring Yaesha, you will come across a majestic Wind Tower in Endaira’s End that has a couple of music puzzles to solve in Remnant 2.

The game has several music box-based puzzles to solve. This one though is a bit different and is fairly easier to solve in comparison.

Completing this puzzle will reward you with the Ring of the Wind Cave, but do note that it is an optional side activity. You do not need to solve the Music Tower puzzle in Endaira’s End to progress in Remnant 2.

Something else to note is that you can only solve one of the two Wind Tower puzzles solo. The second one requires another player in your party.

Endaira’s End Music Tower puzzle solution in Remnant 2

After finding the wind tower, you need to find the book that contains the clues for solving this puzzle. It can be found in a cave located over a climbable ledge on one side of the cave.

Climb the ledge and crouch through the hole in the wall to enter a room. There you will find a clue for solving the puzzle. Take note of the symbols in the book. The book has two pages, we will get to the second page later on in the guide.  


If you climb the tower, you will notice the same symbols from the book etched into the openings in the tower. You need to stand on these symbols in the same order as described by the clue book.

  • Third note.
  • Second note.
  • First note.
  • Third note.

Stand on each symbol for roughly 3 seconds. If you stood on the correct symbol, the updraft in the center of the tower will become stronger. After standing on all the symbols in the correct order. You will notice a blue strobing light in the center of the tower.

After being done with the symbol on the first page of the book, take note of the symbols on the second page. Here you would need help from another player.

One player needs to stand on the symbols in the first row and the other player will do the same for the symbols in the second row.

For a symbol to be entered, each player must stand on their corresponding symbol at the time. The timing on this is very lenient. A symbol will enter as long as the players stand on their symbols at the same time.

Top Row

  • Fifth note
  • Fourth note
  • Fourth note
  • First note

Bottom Row

  • Second note
  • Third note
  • Second note
  • Third note

You will notice the same increase in the updraft strength with each entered symbol. After all the symbols are entered, the Ring of the Wind Cave will appear.

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