Remnant 2 Crossplay, DLC Discussed by Gunfire Games President

The Awakened King has plans

Remnant 2 is among the success stories of 2023. We have seen many great games released this year, and considering the game managed to sell 1 million copies during the first week of launch, it’s safe to say that Remnant 2 is there with the best of 2023.

Developer Gunfire Games has been busy fixing different issues related to the game after the release, and we have already seen some patches released. And now, it’s time for the first DLC release for Remnant 2, The Awakened King. We talked a little with the President and Game Director of Remanant 2, David Adams, about the upcoming DLC and crossplay. According to David, they even discussed launching the crossplay feature along with the Awakened King DLC; however, they needed a little more time to test it:

Crossplay is being actively worked on and is close to done.  We had debated launching it with this DLC, but wanted to make sure we had time to properly test it.  It should be coming soon.

We also wanted to know if The Awakened King DLC will also introduce any changes to gameplay elements. To this, he replied:

No major changes, though we have done a lot of stuff to the game since launch including the addition of randomized aberrations, loadouts, a ton of item fixes and balance, and a myriad of other QoL changes.  We deliberately didn’t want to wait for the DLC to add these things, so we have been trickling the changes in over time.  Long story short, if you haven’t played the game since launch the DLC is a great time to jump back in.

As you might already know, there are two more DLCs planned for Remanant 2; however, they still don’t have any specific release dates. These DLCs are expected to launch “sometime in 2024”. While talking about the release sequence of these DLC and why Gunfire chose to release The Awakened King first, David said:

That’s a good question.  For whatever reason, when we talked about our first new DLC we immediately gravitated to the Losomn and the story of the One True King.  I’m not even sure it was a conscious choice.  We had a cool character, and a cool story we wanted to tell so that’s what we did first.

The Awakened King will also introduce a new Archetype, The Ritualist. David shared with us that players will have to find this Archetype; however, once it’s unlocked, players will be able to use it in the base game as well. The game director also gave us an idea about the scale of the first Remnant 2 DLC. According to him, The Awakened King will be “more epic” compared to the base game.

The DLC is a full story for Losomn – complete with side quests mini-bosses, events, etc… Meaning a player can play through the entire story and experience all new content.  One of the bigger changes, however, is the scale of the overworld.  We had decided to try and do a more hand-crafted overworld for this storyline.  We had done that here and there on a smaller scale in the base game and wanted to try something a little bigger.  In terms of raw square footage, it’s probably not that much bigger than the base game storylines with the more randomized overworlds, but it’s definitely more epic.

The new DLC for Remnant 2 will also feature three new bosses. As for combat, puzzles, and secrets, the new DLC is going to be consistent with what the base game Losomn had to offer.


There are a total of 3 new bosses with the DLC. In the base game, some environments were more puzzle-oriented than others.  For instance, Yaesha had more puzzle puzzles than the rest of the game. This DLC is consistent with Losomn in the base game in terms of combat, puzzles, and secrets.

Remant 2 DLC, The Awakened King is scheduled to release on November 14, 2023 for all platforms. If you don’t have the DLC, you can purchase it individually for $9.99 or buy the complete Remanant 2 DLC bundle for $24.99.

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