Remedy Entertainment Working On A PlayStation Exclusive? New Hint Emerges

After Shuhei Yoshida's Remedy Entertainment visit, Remedy's lead producer's Linkedin profile suggests the development of a PlayStation exclusive.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s head of indies paid a visit to Remedy Entertainment, last year. Following that, a lead producer from Remedy Entertainment recently put “XDEV + CoDev” in his job title. This suggests that both companies could be collaborating on a PlayStation exclusive title.

In 2019, Shuhei Yoshida went to Remedy studios to have a go at Control, the studio’s latest action-adventure game. Yoshida claimed that he enjoyed playing Control and is waiting for the release of the game. XDEV Europe, which publishes PlayStation related content in collaboration with other studios, retweeted the Twitter post made by Yoshida.

The retweet already gave to speculation that a PlayStation exclusive was in the works by the two companies. Even still, that could be considered a bit of a stretch. However, Alexis Guariguta, a new lead producer at Remedy Entertainment, recently modified his job experience on Linkedin. He put up the term XDEV + CODEV in his current projects.

When you put the two together, it does indicate that Remedy is involved in a PlayStation exclusive. There is a possibility that the Sony Interactive Entertainment and Remedy Entertainment could be working on a PS5 exclusive.

PlayStation exclusive titles are considered the most sought after games in recent times. Games like The Last of Us, God of War (2018) and Spiderman (2018) have pulled a plethora of fans to the platform. It goes to show that at the end of the day, a platform has to offer an engaging gameplay experience. With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5, Sony would definitely want to develop as many exclusives as possible.

Remedy Entertainment is known for games like the Max Payne series, Alan Wake and the recently released Control. The studio hasn’t had many missteps and continues to put out excellent games. Partnering up with Sony would definitely be the next big step for the studio.


At the end of the day, we are just theorizing. Both companies haven’t released any official statement regarding a partnership between the two. Though don’t be surprised that it comes to fruition as evidence of their collaboration does hold some solid ground.